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  1. You don’t say. The peak hasn’t even happened yet. The peak alone could go on for the rest of the year, unless the country completely shuts down(which it won’t). The deaths from daily 400K infections haven’t even occurred yet, not for another week or so. And the deaths could go on for a long time. I doubt India would host anything for the foreseeable future. And the rest of the world will cut off all travel hoping to forcefully quarantine the country. Until the entire population (80%+) is vaccinated, but that may not even work anymore because of mass on-going transmission an
  2. It is very likely that the spread of covid in the cities is such that bio-bubbles is practically impossible to maintain short of everyone wearing PPE at all times. Even walking past the stadium, where virus shedding ground staff had walked 30 seconds earlier, could result in infection. Delhi and the North do have the UK variant which transmits 50% easier. I find it hard to blame a single player when multiple teams are reporting infections. “The bigger problem for disease transmission is the tiniest droplets – those less than 10 micrometers in diameter – which can remain suspended in th
  3. The only vehicles on the Indian roads (for the next few months) should be emergency, law enforcement and military, and authorized commercial vehicles that carry essential goods like food and oil. Close down all passenger trains. Distribute n95 masks and sanitizers to everyone so that nobody had excuse not to wear one. In urban areas, basic food and water is delivered free to every home/dwelling/family. Reassure people that they won’t starve and the country will look after them for a few months. I wish India good luck, because a massive spread in India surely means more and m
  4. If WC is moved to Australia and there are “a few cases” show up, Australia will shut things down. So, it doesn’t sound like Australia is the place to host the WC. I am not disputing how nice it is to live in Australia, but thinking solely of the WC. Perhaps the WC should happen in Florida. Here covid rages on, but packed venues, no masks, no bubbles, no testing necessary, and plenty of hospitals should care is needed.
  5. Assuming that Australia, months from now, would be able to host packed stadium is a bit of a reach. It only takes a few cases of more potent strain (like the UK or SouthAfrican or Indian) to get into the mask-less and non-social-distancing Australia to face a lockdown as the government tries to gain control of the spread. The only guarantee of packed Australia stadiums would be the vaccination coverage surpassing the herd immunity level of 70%, but is that possible before the WC?
  6. I honestly do not understand why some feel the need to flaunt education, privilege, and wealth levels, but they do address the main point that covid needs serious response. Even Indian industrial bodies are asking for it because the short term economic pain is better than long term economic devastation if covid marches on for years. Indian industry body urges curbs to economic activity to save lives
  7. In the US, at its peak, the daily infection was 300,000, but the US is 3 times as large with 3 times less population than India. So, India could easily reach 1 million new infection. Given that would completely overwhelm the healthcare and deathcare, if it has not already, the death rate could shoot up beyond just 1-3% to 5% and higher. 5% of 1 million is 50,000 dead.
  8. I don’t think people are thinking (or worried) about this wave continuing and the peak(of the second wave) is already here. Given the population and density, along with no nation-wide travel restrictions and open businesses, people thinking the (pre covid) life must go on, it is likely that more cities will be hotspots in the coming weeks and months. This peak might not come down for months as more of the country gets infected. Right now, “just” 3000 deaths per day is not as high(for a population of 1.3 billion), but if every metropolitan area gets high infection, that would skyrocket to hundr
  9. Precisely. So there is no point in stopping IPL in a grand scheme of things, because the rest of the society will not be shutting down and the government has no will nor power to bring war-time powers. It might even start a public protest rally(or few) with angry fans demanding to be entertained.
  10. If IPL is scrapped, shutting down other businesses/travel for a month or two become easier as it should show that the country is at war. I am not an economist, or pretend to be, but I think would severely negatively impact the economy in the short term and output for those months, but it will bring about (covid) stability and, assuming the economy doesn’t completely collapse and side effects of being essentially confined indoors doesn’t cause too much negative mental health issues, everything should bounce back in a year or so. It is an all-or-nothing war situation, so a lot of nor
  11. The sure fire way to end the pandemic now is: Act as if it is Ebola and you have 97% chance of dying rather than 3%. There would be no IPL or any entertainment or even business running. Everybody would be locked in and socially distancing. Nobody would be complaining about needing entertainment. While the self imposed lockdown is happening, the government would be mobilizing its military and police to do mandatory vaccinations drives all across the country.
  12. Australia and other isolated, wealthy, and smaller (by population) countries had very good public health policies and mass movement restrictions that nipped the covid crisis before it became a crisis. As long as they continue to be on top of testing, contact tracing, and vaccinations, they will not have any issues.
  13. Higher classes in any country get preferential treatment, so I would not be so hard. Perhaps there is a need to keep the judges and politicians safe to avoid complete collapse of the governing sector. Politicians in the US also received their vaccines before healthcare workers. Judges and politicians (usually elderly and have preexisting conditions) need higher protection than regular citizenry, despite the optics.
  14. The horse has already left the barn on covid, so only mass herd immunity(done through vaccination) is going to help in the future. Would stopping IPL would not free up resources to make a dent? How many doctors and nurses are reserved for IPL bubbles? How many venues are being reserved? How many hotels are reserved? IPL is focused on preserving the bubble rather than treating and using up medical resources. If if there is 1 case of covid in any of the bubbles, IPL will get cancelled. I can see the upside of scrapping IPL, as that would signal to everybody that there is no normalcy
  15. The thing to watch is for how he bounces back in the next game.
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