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  1. News coming in just now! Imagine what an idiot one must be to actually believe that peace with Pakistan is possible. Unless until that nation is broken into more pieces, it won't happen. Vajpayee went in a bus to Pakistan for peace talks and Kargil happened couple of days later. Imagine trusting Pakistan's promises.
  2. I'm fine with these 2 demands as long as we can use the same logic on Rest of India and declare it a Hindu Rashtra. But if people want independence for Kashmir, Sikh state in Punjab but then demand India to remain secular, they are hypocrites of the highest order.
  3. Hope it doesn't happen. No need to play cricket with a nation that wants to "bleed India with a thousand cuts".
  4. It's based on my opinion that test matches shouldn't finish in 2 days.
  5. Top comments take less than a few minutes to read. Also, ICF quality has gone down a lot compared to the past.
  6. 80% of the comments were saying England to stop complaining about the pitches. They were saying that India has every right to prepare spin friendly pitches.
  7. The BBC/Guardian are terrible when it comes to Indian political issues. Surrisingly, they are extremely knowledgable when it comes to Cricket. This pitch is a disgrace.
  8. Go to BBC page or Guardian, the English fans themselves don't take his opinion's seriously. He's the English version of Sanju Manju.
  9. I watched every single ball. You are underestimating the mental toll it takes on a batsman when one ball spins big and the next stays straight even though both balls pitch on the same spot.
  10. When Joe Root finishes with figures of 8/5, you can't defend the pitch. I hope we lose this series, this is diabolical stuff.
  11. Just looking at the squads, I'll place it in second place actually. BBL and PSL don't attract the best foreign talent due to various reasons.
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