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  1. Shutup you lier you show me bumrah bowling a match winning spell against top teams in odis.
  2. I dont need to read that rant. I know gumrah is overated use burnol that will help you and please don't interact with me its a humble request. Have a good day
  3. All the talk is about odi go and read the stats carefully first then talk
  4. I hope you are educated enough to read gumrah's stats which i have posted
  5. Bowler is yet to take a fifer against top 5 teams averages 35+ against 4 out of top 5 can only be good by choutya logic of yours
  6. Stop lying blatantly babar scored 100 and 84 in that series now i have realized you are a lier and dont forget when australia phucked your gumrah for three consecutive odi sreies and newzealand phuked the already phucked gumrah in odis
  7. First check gumrah's stats against top 5 teams then talk
  8. You should check whom i responded earlier that comment was about babar and to which i replied better than bumrah you should first go through this
  9. Idiot use logic. Thread is about qorat no1 ranked so what special bumrah had done toget to no1 nothing just bullying minnows
  10. Bro please do your homework before misrepresenting facts when babar scored century vs Australia Cummins,starc and hazlewood played that match similarly against england both archer and wood were playing.
  11. Against top 5 odi teams babar averages 40+ except India and he has not played a single game at home conditions(Either UAE or Pakistan) against 2out 5 opponents
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