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  1. Varun and KKR management shouldn't be blamed alone. BCCI is equally responsible for this utter negligence
  2. Who's gonna resign from BCCI for this mismanagement?
  3. Yeah there is only one King that's Babar
  4. He's been averaging almost 60 since 2019 in tests. More consistent than anyone in the limited overs so don't know how you can say he lacks determination, temperament and grit and shot selection as no one can be so consistent without such traits for a considerable period of time
  5. So you admit Babar had more overseas fifty than Kohli in first 30 tests. Kohli became the better batsman than Babar in 31st
  6. Check kar le. First 30 tests main yehi stats hain dono k
  7. Abey 30 games bola tha 31 nahi. Aankhon main tattti bhari hai kia? Fifties kidhar gayen?
  8. Yeah we have a mediocre team, but Misbah has made it worse
  9. Players get mature by playing more matches, not babar's fault if Pakistan play not even half the matches India play in a calendar year so yeah as I said earlier, unnecessary hate is bad for health. Thanda paani piyo, ghussa ziada charh gaya hai dimagh ko
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