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  1. Also, I think Ishant should play at Lords. Has a good record there. If he plays in this series at all, it should be Lords. He will be better than Shami in swinging conditions. Rahul Rohit Pujara Kohli Rahane Pant Ashwin/ Jadeja Thakur Bumrah Siraj Ishant
  2. I think this time it will backfire for England. This is not 2018. Though Lolli and the middle order are as duds as Dodos, the bowlers will definitely bowl better than last time. Infact, I doubt Moeen will have much impact this time around. He has lost his reflexes against the pacers since 2019 or so. His bowling won't suit them much if the pitch is green. If we can get the batters around Root like in Nottingham early, we can restrict them below 250.
  3. Losing is not the problem. Always losing and never winning a damn trophy since 2013 IS A BIG PROBLEM. Choker it is!!!!
  4. It is a tough call to make. Siraj, by far, is the most inform Indian bowler along with Ishant. He has a knack of picking early wickets. Further, Kiwis haven't played him earlier. So the surprise factor is there other than his obvious strengths of him being able to swing it both ways. But, you don't bench your top performers because of whom you are playing the Final in the first place. If i am not wrong, Shami averages around 18 in the last 2 years. People saying Siraj did well in Australia, Shami has done in past too. Further, he bowls those sudden magic spells (especia
  5. In a way Hussain was what Ganguly was for India in the early 2000's. England was minnow level with lots of bits and pieces players throughout the 90's and early 2000's (Hollioke brothers, Irani, Ramprakash, Mark Ealham, etc,). Although they had good bowlers like Gough/ Caddick etc, their batting almost always collapsed away from home (even at home lost to Pakistan in 1996, NZ in 1999, Aus in 1997/ 2001, etc). Under Hussain, they started fighting and building a new team. Their most defining moment was in 2000 when they beat Pakistan in Pakistan and started to
  6. New Zealand proving the haters wrong..... They will beat England in England which even India/ Aus couldn't do in many many years.... Ps: Weak or not, you play what is in front of you. Now watch these English play like Aussies of 2000's against India
  7. Sanju Manju has sufferred from Stockholm syndrome since his early 90's phainty days. Every conversation of his ends up glorifying Imran and Wasim. Even though I was a child back then, ever since I started following and understanding cricket, I have no doubt he would not have been picked even as a XIIth man post 2000 for the Indian team. Very limited batsman with pathetic technique in SENA and way worse determination/ fight to play in tough conditions.
  8. Sorry, I stand corrected. Still my point is that NZ has not done better than India in this WTC cycle, they have not beaten any good team away from home.
  9. True. Completely agree with you. WC 2019 SF we lost fair and square. No point bitching about it. Infact, we have this CHOKERS tag since the 2014 T20 IIRC. We tend to get into semis easily only to lose in the knockouts.
  10. His fantasy... NZ have done nothing to deserve the WTC. Won at tailored made pitches at home (there also, they lost to England in 2019 but that series was not included in WTC). Away from home, they did well in SL. No series win in India/ England/ Aus/ Sa in gazillion years
  11. Australia 180/6 (If rain affects) If no rain, Aus 270 a.o India 50/1
  12. If that happens we are basically left with 160 odd overs with 5 or so sessions. Can't see Australia declaring before a 300+ lead considering Sydney/ 1st innings here. For that they need another 250 runs or atleast 2 and a half sessions. I feel India will then have either to bat out day 5 for a draw or depending upon the start we get, might actually go for it with Pan/ Agrawal attacking and Pujara / Rahane anchoring the innings. Whatever it is, if not for a 36 a.o type freak brainfade, we are not losing this match !!!!
  13. While BBC shows rain all through tomorrow morning, Accuweather and Brisbane (Queensland) Govt weather shows cloudy day with low chances of rain. We need our resident experts to confirm
  14. Weather looking less and less likely to affect the match
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