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  1. I have got your back bro As much as I hate his tuk tuk, he has a role to play. Especially at times like today where we need to bat time as well.
  2. Australia 180/6 (If rain affects) If no rain, Aus 270 a.o India 50/1
  3. If that happens we are basically left with 160 odd overs with 5 or so sessions. Can't see Australia declaring before a 300+ lead considering Sydney/ 1st innings here. For that they need another 250 runs or atleast 2 and a half sessions. I feel India will then have either to bat out day 5 for a draw or depending upon the start we get, might actually go for it with Pan/ Agrawal attacking and Pujara / Rahane anchoring the innings. Whatever it is, if not for a 36 a.o type freak brainfade, we are not losing this match !!!!
  4. While BBC shows rain all through tomorrow morning, Accuweather and Brisbane (Queensland) Govt weather shows cloudy day with low chances of rain. We need our resident experts to confirm
  5. Weather looking less and less likely to affect the match
  6. From what I have seen in the last 10 years or so, Brisbane rains come and go. Even thunderstorms are like that..... after a heavy shower, the sun comes out. We need atleast 2 sessions washed out to draw this game.
  7. Lead already near 50 If it doesn't rain we are fecked
  8. Siraj should look top play straight..... atleast get 10-12 runs
  9. Still well done to the team. Nobody expected them to last 108 overs and score 328 at the Gabba. Just ensure Aussies work hard for every run in their second innings. We can save this match.
  10. Idiot.... Just a passenger this match... Can't play a short ball to save his life.
  11. Saini is bad... I mean bad as bad Can't get badder than this baddest bad
  12. Boy oh boy...... I am really really impressed by this fellow... Always thought him to be a white ball specialist, Something about this 21 year old lad.... I think he might be a very very successful all rounder moving forwards in Tests as well.
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