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Areas of concern for indian team in WC

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Below 2 areas which has not been discussed much ,could be the shockers in WC  apart from known issues like poor  running between the wickets, leaking too many easy singles & esp 2 s to opposition, Poor quality spinners (exception Kuldeep to some extent) for indian team.

1. Death bowling -Only Bhumra is certainty to do well . other seamers are lottery be it Siraj & Shami. Big teams like ENG , SA & AUS will be ready to exploit it to the full.

    God forbid if Bhumra is injured , WC aspiration may end right there. Only Pray Siraj will do better

  No one has developed even a decent level of death bowling skills Shami, Prasidh, Hardik even after several years.  

2. Slow pitch assisting spin - This could be one BIG issue  for Indian team if dew does not affect matches a lot , still we may face problem if we bat first against teams like SL, BD, AFG & even AUS  & NZ and get few shocking results . All Hype of best batting line up might come crashing down in such matches .Our batters are poor against good spin on such pitches. Only KL currently, Rohith at times  & Gill in the last match has shown skills to survive and get runs ( Even Gill tries lofted shots one too many ).  Rohit, Virat, Hardik, Ishan (little better but no strike rotation) , even Shreyas  -many think he is good against spin but on    on turning pitchers vs quality spin - cannot be trusted as he too tries too many lofted shots and gets caught . Not even considering SKY here .


This points to - 

1. Senior players do not care to improve their shortcoming in fielding, game against spin on turners. 

2. Dud bowling Coach and batting coach -compare the newly acquired skill set of BD pacers and spinners . all 4 spinners of BD have such control and skills in flight dip , variety even though 3 of them are in early 20s. Credit to bowling coach Rangana Herath and Alan Donald.  Even SL has improved both in pace bowling & spin.  


We have not seen players coming up with big improvements in last 10 years except  Virat, Bhumra , Siraj   & currently - Gill & Kuldeep.

Very few have improved with their hard work it seems . Hope Jaiswal , Tilak varma  reach a high level with their hard work to iron out their weakness.


Why on earth BCCI can't get real good coaches with so much money if BD can get people like Donald, Herath. ? 

India badly needs a real performing pace bowling and a spinning coach post WC  


As of today , Only plus is indian team play pace bowling better than most teams and post good totals on flat pitches and some individual brilliance from Bhumra, Gill ,  & Virat (on flat pitches), Kuldeep & Siraj to some extent may take us to QF .

So our expectations should be on those lines too. 

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