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ICF New Banner Thread

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That pic with the flag should be first from left as in the first pic you posted
I'm trying to show a sort of progression in Tendu's age.......that image would come last.......
lazy jalebi bhai :headshake::P Anyway instead of all face closeups,add some shot making pics too like these:
That's not very sharp!
That was a rough version.......was just trying to get something down to get the juices flowing....
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Please don't ridicule Jogi.....:nono:......he is a national hero....:isalute:.....also' date=' what do you think of the updated banner?[/quote'] Are you saar jaan? :ohmy: The new banner looks decent. In the center do something like "Good Bye SRT" "Thank you for 24 years of service":hatsoff: Something of that sort... two cents
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