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20 years ago Captain Saurabh Kalia and 5 jawans were captured by Pak troops

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Remembering their valiant sacrifice exactly 20 years earlier, when I was too young to understand the meaning of war or Kargil. 




Captain Saurabh Kalia Amar Rahe

Sepoy Arjun Ram Amar Rahe

Sepoy Banwari Lal Amar Rahe

Sepoy Naresh Singh Amar Rahe

Sepoy Moola Ram Amar Rahe

Sepoy Bhikha Ram Amar Rahe


Jai Hind, Bharat Mata Ki Jai.


Never forget, never forgive. Irrespective of what we achieve in our lives, we are merely specks of dust in front of our braves, we can never repay the debts we owe them for keeping us safe, protecting us from harm's way. The only people in India who deserve to be called heroes. 


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Capt. Kalia and his team members went in that sector to find out how many intruders were present in that area.

At that time we had absolutely zlich idea of the scale of intrusion that had happened. 

Pakistanis had captured 200+ posts and had made bunkers by that time. 

We fought the enemy at the terrain of his choice against daunting odds and still remained undefeated. 




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