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The US Open 2012

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Good to see Andy win, but as anything with Britain, the hype and built up tension for Murray was over the top :haha: The long rallies, as brutal as they are, get tiring to see. I root for more Fedex type players
So true. There are a couple of reasons for that: 1)Courts slowing down make it difficult for the player to move forward where the points can be finished off quicker (due to cutting off the angles).Hence most modern day players move side to side better but struggle when moving forward. 2) Most players have poor court sense and hence cannot construct rallies effectively to hit that one attacking shot.They simply wait for the opponent to make mistakes.As can be seen for the finals where each player had more errors than winners.On a fast hardcourt,that is insane. Federer straddled both the S&V and the baseline game eras and thats why his first impulse is always to move forward and play attacking tennis.I think in the Wimby finals he came to the net 60-70 times and won 80% of those points.

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