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  1. Throw in both the wrist spinners Gopal and R chahar and look how they perform. They both can bat a bit. I think Bumrah should play to get the best. Hardik , Dhawan & bhuvi should be back.. And any youngsters in odi cricket should always be given chance in top 3. Dhawan/Gill/Shreyas/Rahul/Manish/Hardik/Gopal/R.chahar/Bhuvi/Saini/Bumrah
  2. I think Rohit, Kohli , Bumrah, Shami should rest for this series and also Kulcha. Gopal , R chahar and Gill should be in the playing X1..
  3. I posted b4 the series that pant should be given 3 odis this series as an opener
  4. Hardik/Jadega/Gopal/Bhuvi/Saini/Bumrah Should be our bottom 6 .. 6 bowling options Always tha option of playing one more wrist spinner instead of saini. Bating is also deep
  5. Than what is the reason for selecting pant and not playing him
  6. Open with pant and shaw this series .Give them 50 overs and lets see how they perform.. Shaw/pant/kohli/iyer/rahul/manish/Jadega/Kuldeep/shami/saini/bumrah
  7. Combo of Gopal and Kuldeep can be tried .. Kuldeep is also not as hopeless with bat like chahal.
  8. If guye like sundar are tried , than what is wrong with Gopal Hardik/jadega/Gopal/Bhuvi Can give solid no. 6,7,8 & 9 without compromising on bowling abilities
  9. Since all our fast bowlers can't bat it is very necssary that our spinner can hold the bat and that way we can play Six bowlers Someone like Gopal comes to mind staright away ..Are there any one else
  10. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/28579770/all-star-match-no-ball-umpires-ipl-returns-upgrades Stars of the North & East will face the stars of South & west ie CSK/RCb/MI/SRH vs Kings X1/DC/KKr/Royals Rohit/warner/kohli/AB/Dhoni/Hardik/Krunal/Rashid/Chahal/Bumrah/Boult vs Butler/Dhawan/Rahul/Iyer/Stokes/Pant/Russel/Kuldeep/Rabada/Gopal/Shami
  11. I am saying 6th bowler after pandya comes, he will bat at 7 and pandya at 6
  12. Is jadega better batsman better 6th bowler and fielder compared to jadhav ?
  13. So now no. 5 and 6 are the problem after no. 4 coldrum solved
  14. Jadega is also an all rounder plus a better fielder. I don't think sunder will het into squad when every one comes back . Also T20 world cup is in Australia. So better to take specialists
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