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  1. On a serious note, Dube has to work really hard to get back into national reckoning again.
  2. Rat's handshake for Dube Like that Mascarenhas game in 2007, we managed to pull through again despite the 30+ run over
  3. So, after going through the numerous threads on ICF discussing the team combination for the WC and collating all the data, I've arrived at this ideal starting "XI" for the WC: Rohit KL Shaw Padikkal Pant Kohli Gill Iyer Pant Rana SKY Hardik Pant K. Pandya Gopal Gowtham Kuldeep R. Chahar Saini Mavi Prasidh Krishna Nagarkoti Shami Tyagi Bumrah I believe this "XI" would be undefeatable. Did I miss anyone?
  4. Unpopular opinion, but I think he's good enough to be a member of the 15-man squad for the WC. Not starting XI necessarily, but a back-up middle order option who can play at 4,5 or 6. Plus, he is arguably the best fielder in India and can change the game with brilliance on the field. Captaining Karnataka has brought about maturity in his game.
  5. But at least the potential is there in Pandya's case. It's highly questionable in Dube's case.
  6. Baba-ji Don't worry, the dot will never be forgotten
  7. Pandya at 6 Jadeja at 7 And I can't believe I'm saying this....Thakur at 8 Or Can't believe I'm saying this as well...Shankar at 6 Pandya at 7 Jadeja at 8 5 specialist batsmen + 3 specialist bowlers + 3 ARs is the combo that the TM is trying at the moment in T20s
  8. Seems like except Ozs, everyone else is part of the conspiracy. Windies, Lanka, Kiwis...
  9. Have to be real here...he's not international standard at the moment. The guy is a btec Vijay Shankar....and I don't rate Vijay Shankar that highly either. Shankar, to his credit, is at least fundamentally sound. Mediocre with bat n' ball and dreadful in the field, if this guy is one of our premier all-rounders, then the bar is really quite low I'm afraid.
  10. Gavaskar explicitly mentioned on commentary that Saini was still jetlagged, which is actually believable. So he was rested not 'dropped'. No need to overreact.
  11. Uddhav bhau I sense the beginning of the end for SS. BJP have finally got their alibi to ditch them. INC have also gained from this fiasco imo.
  12. What's helped him the most is recognition of the fact that he is a support/workhorse bowler, not a strike bowler. He is probably comfortable playing this role.
  13. They can't and won't. The two ideological adhesives that truly bind Pakistanis together are (i) Kashmir Jihad and (ii) Anti-Indianism. Islam alone doesn't work, with all the daily sectarian violence and denouncing of Ahmediyas and what not. Giving up on Kashmir by any govt. will be seen as a sign of major weakness and possibly the end of their political career in Pakistan. So civilians and army are in this together. Expecting practicality and rationality from padosis is a pipe dream.
  14. Congress (Maino-Gandhi-Vadra) is nothing but a conglomeration of Anti-India forces, so this is hardly surprising. There still are some decent folk in the party and I hope for their own sake they either breakaway and form their own party or defect to other parties.
  15. Send BATs, that's about it. If they initiate any conventional military action, it's their ass on a platter.
  16. Im the Dim probably snorted some 'glucose powder' before making this statement
  17. If MSD wants to retire, like he wanted to from Test cricket, he would just do it. This is just more rubbish from the Dhoni PR factory. Don't remember Dhoni hanging around for a 'smooth transition' in Tests.
  18. This is my main concern with Rohit as captain. Very much possible that his form might decline in next two years as he approaches 35.
  19. Didn't 99% of all Indian cricket experts/pundits want Dhoni in the WC squad as first choice WK? To the credit of ICFers, vast majority, including me, wanted Dhoni gone post CT 2017 itself. Didn't happen and then writing was on the wall. Seems like Dhoni wanted his fairytale ending. No use crying over spilt milk now.
  20. Some very valid points raised in the OP. Here's my two cents: 1. Kuldeep having a poor tournament threw a spanner in our plans. Jadeja performed admirably no doubt, but Kuldeep was supposed to be one of our main weapons in this WC. 2. Uncertainty with our middle order screwed us big time, again. The lack of a proper specialist bat at 4 was detrimental. Vijay Shankar at 4 was never the solution. Pant atm is a number 5-6 at best. 3. The batting line up is in desperate need of some fresh blood. Rohit, Kohli, Pant, Pandya + 3 new faces will be required, at the very least. 4. As much as I like Chahal, it is maybe time to try Rahul Chahar as one of our wrist spinners. He is a handy lower order batsman as well.
  21. Right here boss I've started a thread to discuss the future course of action to be taken to rectify our issue with choking in ICC knockouts. If you wish to contribute constructively, you're most welcome to join in on the discussion. If you wish to rant/outrage ad nauseum, carry on in the numerous r*andi rona threads that have been opened. Aapka hi blood pressure bad jayega.
  22. Need a repair job in the batting order. But too many wholesale changes not ideal. Rohit and Shikhar will likely carry on till 2020 T20 WC. After that though, TM will have to make tough calls.
  23. Should move on from DK, Jadhav & MSD for good now. Might also have to consider Kohli dropping to 4 to shore up the middle order.
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