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  1. Cry me a river. Good on Pilot. Should've been made the CM instead of Gehlot. Interesting to see the results of the backroom deals.
  2. I think jimmy cliff makes a valid argument. Post liberalization, cricket decentralised to more remote parts of the country. Prior to that, accessibility to cricket infra was probably easier for people in urban and sub-urban parts. Don't think there is genetics angle. So most likely reason is probably earlier access to better infrastructure for urban/sub-urban class, which is mostly upper caste. Not sure if institutional discrimination is too rampant anymore because end of the day professional sport is about winning. It could have been an issue early on, but now I think it's mostly just sifarshi/nepotism at worst.
  3. On a serious note, Dube has to work really hard to get back into national reckoning again.
  4. Rat's handshake for Dube Like that Mascarenhas game in 2007, we managed to pull through again despite the 30+ run over
  5. So, after going through the numerous threads on ICF discussing the team combination for the WC and collating all the data, I've arrived at this ideal starting "XI" for the WC: Rohit KL Shaw Padikkal Pant Kohli Gill Iyer Pant Rana SKY Hardik Pant K. Pandya Gopal Gowtham Kuldeep R. Chahar Saini Mavi Prasidh Krishna Nagarkoti Shami Tyagi Bumrah I believe this "XI" would be undefeatable. Did I miss anyone?
  6. Unpopular opinion, but I think he's good enough to be a member of the 15-man squad for the WC. Not starting XI necessarily, but a back-up middle order option who can play at 4,5 or 6. Plus, he is arguably the best fielder in India and can change the game with brilliance on the field. Captaining Karnataka has brought about maturity in his game.
  7. But at least the potential is there in Pandya's case. It's highly questionable in Dube's case.
  8. Baba-ji Don't worry, the dot will never be forgotten
  9. Pandya at 6 Jadeja at 7 And I can't believe I'm saying this....Thakur at 8 Or Can't believe I'm saying this as well...Shankar at 6 Pandya at 7 Jadeja at 8 5 specialist batsmen + 3 specialist bowlers + 3 ARs is the combo that the TM is trying at the moment in T20s
  10. Seems like except Ozs, everyone else is part of the conspiracy. Windies, Lanka, Kiwis...
  11. Have to be real here...he's not international standard at the moment. The guy is a btec Vijay Shankar....and I don't rate Vijay Shankar that highly either. Shankar, to his credit, is at least fundamentally sound. Mediocre with bat n' ball and dreadful in the field, if this guy is one of our premier all-rounders, then the bar is really quite low I'm afraid.
  12. Gavaskar explicitly mentioned on commentary that Saini was still jetlagged, which is actually believable. So he was rested not 'dropped'. No need to overreact.
  13. Uddhav bhau I sense the beginning of the end for SS. BJP have finally got their alibi to ditch them. INC have also gained from this fiasco imo.
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