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  1. And where does that leave Shreyas Iyer? Discarded after one bad series?
  2. TM needs to move on from Dhawan more than anything. That's the first step. That will let either Rahul or Pant open. Problem is Dhawan always manages to play a good knock right on the verge of being dropped.
  3. More important question, are we as fans willing to bear a few losses to make the necessary changes in team balance? Look at ICF for example, the moment we lose even dead rubbers, people lose their mind and start attacking the team management.
  4. Just highlighting the contrasting viewpoints of different icf factions.
  5. Regarding Pant opening, not a fan of wk opening the batting in general. Gilchrist was an exception, not the norm. Kalu was effective for 3-4 years, we want Pant to be an option for the next decade.
  6. In one thread people want Gill to open, idhar Pant ko opening bhejna chahte ho. I think we need a player like Pant in the middle order. Even if he averages 30-35 for now, it will be brilliant. His strike rate is already very good. There are basically 4 candidates for batting 2 slots in the ODI team. Gill, Iyer, Pant and Pandey. Kishan has an outside chance.
  7. Btw, jisko jo banna hai fan club mein, bano. President, dean, nurse, bawarchi....etc
  8. Don't take him seriously. He's a known baiter.
  9. You can do both. Not like Ozs are classy.
  10. That's not a fan club thread though. Still I will add your thread link in the OP.
  11. Have rated him very highly since 2018 u19 wc. Boy is a superstar in the making.
  12. Gill bole hadippa https://www.indiancricketfans.com/topic/116004-shubman-gill-needs-to-be-tried-in-test-matches-and-odis/
  13. The man is a gem. Cherish him while he's there.
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