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  1. BETTING ODDS: KKR- 3:1 SRH- 2:1 Bookies believe SRH are slight favourites.
  2. Clinical stuff yesterday. Taking full advantage of CSK's dysfunctionality.
  3. BETTING THREADS: CSK- 2:1 DC- 3:1 Another game between two pretty evenly matched sides as per bookies. CSK with a marginal edge.
  4. BETTING ODDS: RCB- 2:1 KXIP- 3:1 Bookies believe RCB are favourites here but a KXIP win would not be considered a huge upset.
  5. Does he offer anything different or better than Iyer? Don't think so. Persist with Iyer. Only player he can replace in our T20 squad is Manish Pandey.
  6. BETTING ODDS: MI- 2:1 KKR- 3:1 Bookmakers believe that Mumbai are only slight favourites here.
  7. Not with the current version of the app. It might happen with updates but I can't say for sure.
  8. It's from that 5k itself. I'll give it to you but use them wisely.
  9. Congrats. I'll settle the bets in the morning/afternoon. Why the hell did you go all in today?? Anyways, everyone has 2500 provident tokens. Do you want some of yours?
  10. @Norman do you want to bet all your tokens? You've placed the bet correctly. To place a bet: 1. click on the "Place Bet" button 2. When the pop-up opens, choose your team and amount. Then enter the odds we're offering for the respective team. You don't need to match bets. It's a feature I would not recommend personally.
  11. An update to everyone: So the app developer finally got back to me. We should be back to normal functionality in a few days.
  12. @Norman sorry for not refunding your money on time. I've added back your tokens today.
  13. BETTING ODDS: CSK- 2:1 RR- 4:1 Bookies are fairly confident of a CSK win, offering almost double in the marketplace if RR upsets them.
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