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  1. We know it's inevitable with this team There is always going to be one innings when we poop the bed from start to finish.
  2. Love the delivery he balls that cuts across the left-hander.
  3. They need another spinner as an alternative to Maharaj, who is pretty decent himself on helpful wickets, to compete in Asia. Otherwise, a raw but potentially very good group of players.
  4. The topic of discussion was split captaincy in white ball cricket, which you claimed never happened, which is not true.
  5. Except that it has, in Indian cricket itself. Mithali Raj is our Women's ODI captain and Harmanpreet is our T20I captain. Harman took over in 2016 and Raj played under her till her retirement in 2019. The precedent exists in Indian cricket.
  6. Sir, is this because you've been offered Ahmedabad franchise job and Gujarat is a dry state?
  7. Sir, do you prefer bagpiper or lehar club soda with your drinks? PS: there is a correct answer to this question
  8. Guys, what will be the exchange rate used by Dravid to gift overseas curators?
  9. I feel Jayant Yadav is also part of this conspiracy. He is the one who plays the role of Shawn Michaels.
  10. Why didn't Dravid stop him then? Why didn't he lobby for Axar to get one more over? Isn't he the greatest backer of young talents in India? What good is he as coach if he can't stand up for them?
  11. It was an opportunity to give a youngster the chance to enter the record books. Axar was batting beautifully and one more over to break/equal the record wouldn't have made much difference. This is a clear pattern with Dravid.
  12. Axar needed 9 off 3 to go past Kapil Dev's record for fastest test 50 by an Indian. With plenty of time left in this game, why was Axar denied this opportunity? We all know Dravid has form for this. He notoriously denied Sachin a 200 in 2004, infamously known as Declaration-gate. What is his issue against personal milestones? This is like the Montreal Screwjob of Cricket. Discuss.
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