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  1. It's ok ankit, chill maaro. Today DK failed so these guys are circling around you like hungry vultures. Next game he might play a match winning innings and vindicate your support for him. Just relax and continue making your points.
  2. But you still need quality bowlers to defend 200+ scores on pattas. DC finished the chase with 8 balls to spare after slowing down towards the end.
  3. Will have to sacrifice either Moeen or Bravo. Maybe both.
  4. Caution to all ICFers who ever plan on meeting up with @Mariyam in the future 
  5. Considering how the chase panned out, this decision was stupid. Possible logic?
  6. Actually it's Padikkal. Sam is 2nd youngest though
  7. https://m.cricbattle.com/MyFantasy/JoinCreateLeague.aspx?LeagueModel=SalaryCap Select Indian t20 league. Make your team. Join a public league for now.
  8. This link works (accessing from EU). Do they have tournament mode? @Forever Indian @Rasgulla @Chennai Chargers cricbattle.com is offering a very similar fantasy league to ipl fantasy. Let me know if you guys can register on that website.
  9. This link works (accessing from EU). Do they have tournament mode? Let me check.
  10. Thanks @BacktoCricaddict @Global.Baba There were a bunch of factors. 8 teams, so I wanted 4 Indians and 4 overseas. Wanted to cover all disciplines, batting bowling all-rounders wk. And finally, didn't want to repeat the same players as last year, so no Dhoni, VK, Bumrah, Rahul etc.
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