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  1. Tbf, he's had injury setbacks. The main problem with Hardik is that he isn't reliable in any discipline. He's basically a specialist support cast player. He'll always have his good or lean phases. Question is, is he good enough to be carried in the team during the lean phases? Are we that good a team to accommodate him?
  2. Btw, are some of you'll huffing glue and voting in the poll? Commenting one way while voting in another.
  3. @beetle ajeeb bandi ho. Comment mein gaali diya but poll mein you voted in favour of Hardik
  4. I never thought the day would come when I would say this but at the moment, Krunal is more of an all-rounder than Hardik.
  5. Guy barely bowls and when he does, he's not that effective anymore. Batting vs Spin has also declined. Have we reached a stage of diminishing returns with him as an all-rounder?
  6. Bumrah was the issue really. Every other bowler did their bit. Jadeja and Ashwin scored runs and picked wickets. I understand the clamour for Thakur but Jadeja is a more accomplished bat. Had Bumrah done even 75% of what was expected of him, we would not be having this discussion.
  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words Hopefully it proves lucky for us.
  8. It's a good starting XI. Playing to our strengths. Siraj/Shami debate is neither here nor there. There are pros and cons to either selection. My only concern is the lack of batting depth after number 8.
  9. It's ok ankit, chill maaro. Today DK failed so these guys are circling around you like hungry vultures. Next game he might play a match winning innings and vindicate your support for him. Just relax and continue making your points.
  10. But you still need quality bowlers to defend 200+ scores on pattas. DC finished the chase with 8 balls to spare after slowing down towards the end.
  11. Will have to sacrifice either Moeen or Bravo. Maybe both.
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