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  1. Do these guys know Venky can bowl as well? What's the purpose of playing an all rounder if you don't trust his bowling
  2. Has to be the most harmless bowling attack going around. Every single bowler is defensive.
  3. 15L viewers on Hotstar for an Indian team ODI. No one seems to be interested Average IPL game had 35-40 lakh viewers last season.
  4. Bhuvi bowling consistently above 130. Dare anyone call him a trundler
  5. 136 kmph floater now way outside off stump, right in the slot, driven for 4 by Chhotu. Got good seam movement when he tried to hit the deck hard..but went back to floaters
  6. 141 kmph from Bumrah, hits a crack, moves away prodigiously. Next ball 138 kmph out swinger, gets the nick as batsman was unsure
  7. Vice Captain Bumrah now averaging 100+ in his last 10 ODIs..amazing numbers. And bowling at 134-135 kmph, putting in no effort at all
  8. God forbid if 8 players from this current team were to be out for one reason or the other and they had to assemble a team of 11 available players, they will lose to even associate sides.
  9. Pant collecting Bhuvi's thunderbolts near his knees
  10. ON THIS DAY 12 months ago, we were rejoicing the biggest Test series win in our cricket history and one of the biggest ever upsets by a rookies team in sports history. Future looked so bright with many youngsters coming up and standing up to the Aussies as they breached fortress Gabba. And here we are 12 months later, seeing a team full of old garbage. So terribly disappointing from Dravid
  11. Dravid as captain with Chappel as coach : Focussed on giving chances to youngsters and backed them Dravid as coach: Youngster should learn while warming the bench, seniors have a birthright in the 11. Older you are higher the privilege
  12. SKY, Kishan, Ruturaj, Prasidh all on bench, while Dhawan, Kohli, Bhuvi in and Ashwin batting at 7 in the ODI set up. Laughable selections. The clown-loudmouth era legacy continues under Dravid In all probability they will not give Venky Iyer much bowling either.
  13. What exactly is the purpose of Ashwin in the LOI squad? What exactly will he do in the T20 WC in Australia or in the ODI WC next year? Taking wickets on dustbowls at home doesn't mean he will pick wickets in expected flat wickets in these tournaments. Same with Bhuvi. Youngsters like Rahul Chahar and Varun get fired for a couple of poor performances but these geriatric senior citizens keep coming back due to their seniority.
  14. SA are resting Rabada, we will play Dhawan (36), Kohli(33), Ashwin(35), Bhuvi(32) while Ruturaj (24), Ishan (23) and Prasidh (26) will warm the benches. Frustrating and so very disappointing. If we do not see course correction in team selection under Dravid, we are headed to. worse disaster than under Clown-Loudmouth combo
  15. While the point about tall pacers who can extract bounce is well taken, what really made the difference was the non-performance by our 3rd pacer in the 2nd and 3rd test. Thakur was the 4th seamer and he did step up but once Siraj was injured in the 2nd innings of 2nd test, we were playing with just 3 bowlers. Likewise in the 3rd Test, when Umesh was selected despite there being clear signs he has lost his edge, we defended the total with 3 bowlers. That's where the matches were lost (primary reason being the non-performing middle order and a captain who failed to keep the team focu
  16. You do not agree with the fitness aspect but in that 2019-20 dream season, he came back after getting a lot more fitter. Thankfully he scored well in one of the matches in the A series vs SA A. All he needs is one good IPL season and that could see him play for India sooner than later. If only he had a proper mentor , some line Amre, Abhishek Nayar or Chandrakant Pandit who could keep him focussed and help him reach his true potential.
  17. Used the skills he learnt from watching Asif to pick 8 wickets in 3 tests? LOL hail Asif the spot fixer
  18. Improved focus on player fitness - most definitely and Kohli deserves all the praise for leading by example on that aspect. All those pics of players posting their workout videos, flaunting six packs and stories of them being diet conscious till around 2018-19 were super positive for the Indian cricket. It also inspired million of people to hit the gym. But as the obsession on gyms, muscles and six packs hardly led to any visible improvement in ground fielding and catching, the trend within the team soon died down. With Covid, bubble life and the blessings of Shastriji, players wer
  19. Going by the media buzz, he's heading to RCB or KKR as their new captain. Some of the recent PR on Iyer could be driven by those franchises as well
  20. If winning bilaterals is the priority, stats padding is the way to go. BTW that team still had a washed up Dhawan, Bhuvi, and the Pandya brothers. Replace them with Ruturaj, Prasidh, V. Iyer, Chahar/Bishnoi/Sai Kishore, add in Rahul, Iyer and Pant and they'd do much better
  21. If the series does go ahead, It will be a crying shame if we see the seniors Rohit, Dhawan, Kohli, Bumrah, Jadeja, Ashwin, Chahal, Bhuvi play vs the Windies. All we will see is more and more stats padding. The series is still 3 weeks away (starts from 6th Feb), not entirely sure if it will go ahead but if we do play, FFS please pick a young squad. Let Rohit continue to work on his fitness at the NCA and lose some weight. If it means seeing KL Rahul as a captain, so be it. But please give opportunities to youngsters.
  22. Organising a 36 team tournament with 1100-1200 resources (players, support staff, officials, ground support, broadcasting crew etc) for minimum 8-9 weeks in a strict bio-bubble is next to impossible especially after the heavy criticism BCCI copped for trying to go ahead with the IPL during the second wave. At a time when most states have put in hard restrictions despite the vaccine coverage and lower hospitalisation rate, you think any state government will take the risk of giving permission for cricket matches in their states? BCCI did stick to the A tour to SA when the easy optio
  23. Thats because Shaw and Gill x got nearly 2 years of solid preparation playing all over the world in u-19 tournaments before the WC. On the basis of those performances, they got to play Ranji and other LO tournaments for their state sides. The current cohort has had a grand total of 1 tournament - the Asia Cup as their preparation. If they had got a few more tournaments, the likes of Harnoor, Shaikh Rasheed, Dhull, Hanganekar, Ostwal, Sandhu would have made a name for themselves by now.
  24. A guy with a FC average of 52 at a SR of 80+, 13 100s, nearly 5000 FC runs. He's worth all the 'obsession' and deserves a proper run, irrespective of his above average T20 stats or the technical issues. From now on, he should be playing every single match across formats for the next 6-8 months. Should be groomed as our number 4 in LOIs. And the coaches should work with him on his leg spin. Our LOI team desperately needs specialist batsmen who could roll their arm over a for a few overs if need be.
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