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  1. Really disappointed. This was the season where he could have turned around things for himself. Also tells you why Pant keeps getting picked despite failure.All said and done, the guy has had three stellar IPLs and won a One Day final for India A vs Eng Lions in England
  2. The same guy got seniors kicked out from international cricket to establish his authority and run the team in an autocratic way. However, when it comes to franchise cricket, he has exact opposite opinion for some reason. I am glad he's horribly out of form and is getting exposed match after match. Totally deserves this humiliation and a disgraceful ending to his career. It's cringing to see his PR still trying to manage things by focussing on one of two good catches, or Start Sports commentators trying to show his discussions with bowlers as some work of genius. I do hope he has t
  3. Kohli PR at work to downplay KL Rahul's growing stature in T20. He's quite clearly the best Indian T20 batsman, how can the Kohli PR brigade accept it. BTW among Itop 15 batsmen, only Mayank (159) and Dhawan (143) have got a better strike rate than Rahul (136) among Indian players. Look at this list below Mayank 159 Dhawan 143 Rahul 135 Iyer 132 Rohit 129 Rayudu 129 Kohli 127 Paddikal 122 Gill 122
  4. Kolkata in Feb-Mar during the evening could be disastrous. Best to play in Ahmedabad or Rajkot which remain largely dry from mid-Feb onwards.
  5. Time to give a proper run to Saini in tests. Hope they also bring in Siraj, who despite taking bucketful of wickets in our A tours FC matches in the last 2-3 seasons, hasn't even got a look in based on his selection for LOIs to which his bowling style does not suit much. Another contenders could be the taller bowlers like Rajpoot and Warrier
  6. What exactly do they bring to the IPL? In an earlier when we did not have pacers bowling 140+, they still brought some variety, now we have so many of our own pacers clocking 145+.They have not been missed at all. I wouldn't want them anywhere near the IPL.
  7. A 29 year old bowler from USA with a nothing record. Clearly there are extraneous reasons for his selection
  8. Last 3 years ODIs Kuldeep Yadav 93 wickets @27 in 53 matches Chahal 80 wickets@26 in 45 matches Zampa 46 wickets@38 in 33 matches If only our captain wasn't dumb to have disturbed the KulCha combo back in 2018 by rotating them in order to accommodate Jadeja. Kuldeep has lost his rhythm and confidence since then.
  9. On the left side is the action of an international cricketer after he had played top class cricket for 8-10 years, on the right side is someone who is still in his formative years. And to be honest does not look like this youngster has a repeatable action. Should not judge him from a 10 second footage on Instagram.
  10. I doubt if any of our players from the current batch see playing vs Pakistan as such a big deal. You could see that in the way we approach the LOIs played in the last 8-10 years. Hardly any fuss from the Indian players and management, the media does do some tamasha but that's their job. We have been so dominant in this decade (Played 19 LOIs, won 14, lost 5) that even the H2H historical record is immaterial. Can't see why they will regret at all. They are getting to play vs the top sides more often and in IPL, they get to mix with most superstars of world cricket.
  11. Another player thrown under the bus by Dhoni. Srini bullies Raina publicly taking Dhoni's name, expectedly Dhoni refuses to stand up for his 'friend' of over a decade.
  12. Apparently an anti-corruption crusader! He thinks Srini is the cleanest guy around. Well I am sure he thinks 2013 CSK fixing saga was managed as well to tarnish Srini's clean image. Basically all his life, he's been jealous of other successful people - first Vajpayee, then Jayalalitha (he supports Sasikala), P. Chidambaram, Arun Jaitley and off late Nirmala Sitharaman. All this while, all he has got is a gang of twitter followers and a phoney propaganda website called pgurus.com which he runs with some NRIs. No one responds to his media bytes but all it will take is one public atta
  13. Shameful attempts by Srini mama to bully Raina and publicly abuse him at a time he is going through a personal tragedy. The insinuation of asking for a room with balcony (how dare he ask for a room equivalent to what Dhoni gets) being used to call him a prima donna! Add to it the conceited story of a rift with Dhoni. Imagine giving 12-13 years of your career to a franchise (at the cost of your International career) and then getting publicly abused by the owner of the team. I hope Raina comes out and spills the beans on the 2013 fixing saga to expose Srini.
  14. On the basis of what? Picking Vijay Shankar was indeed a travesty but not picking Rahane was the right call. Even Ambatti Rayudu had a much better claim on that number 4 position.
  15. Really? If a team, which in the last 3 years, could not win a series vs a much weakened SA, tamely surrendered in England and was humiliated in NZ just a few months back is our best ever test team, it's a travesty and doesn't really put our Test history in a good light. Series win in Aus was great and much to be cherished for but Aussie resurgence immediately after return of Smith and Warner showed us the true value of that win. This is a great team in home conditions and vs weaker opposition. Against even slightly strong opposition and in tougher condition, the batting
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