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  1. Clashes between Hockey India and sponsors/investors. HI wanted complete control, gradually weakening the tournament.
  2. To add to this, Hockey is the only outdoor team sport in Olympics where teams play their best players.
  3. Hockey India now needs it's own Lalit Modi to launch a world class league which is best in the world. We have the same strengths as cricket - a huge market, sponsors willing to put in big sums of money. One huge risk though is the ego clashes that normally have followed some success in hockey in last 20-25 years (98 Bangkok and 2014 Incheon Asian Ganes, top 4 finishes in CT from 2002 to 2005). Hoping and praying better sense to prevail this time and for us to build onto this huge huge success.
  4. BCCI ups the ante. Unconfirmed news reports say BCCI has categorically told non-Pakistani crew members that they cannot work on future BCCI events in India if they travel to Pakistan Illegally Occupied Kashmir to cover this illegal event.. Basically asking evey to chose between us and them. Well done Jay Shah
  5. 1-0 up vs Argentina. Comeon girls
  6. Far superior opponent to Deepak there. Go for the bronze boy
  7. Guys , can we please avoid taking panauti's name on this sacred thread
  8. Man from 2-9 own to winning the bout! Among the best ever comebacks in our sporting history. Ravi Dahiya the superstar
  9. Boxing does far too many changes in rules every few years. Mostly useless and makes the sport more biased
  10. To maine kab kaha ki 95% of 2500 cr is 3500 cr?
  11. Budget documents dekho..samajh aayga. Not going to do that for you
  12. OP Kashmir Premier League has been running for the last 10 years be specific. Mods @Austin 3:!6 @Trichromatic please change the title to add "Pakistan Occupied Kashmir" somewhere
  13. 2500 cr budget (95% of which is salaries and pensions of staff) for a nation of 1.3 billion is enough? Where is the money for infra development - facilities upgrade, gyms, nutrit, technical coaches, physios etc? How will you find the right talent till you do not set up fully functional youth academies? Forget such academies, try spending a day at the nearest SAI center to where you live. All your wrong notions will change looking at the complete lack of even basic facilities for our national athletes.
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