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  1. Don't be sure. At best there will be a couple of changes. Expecting Dhawan, Kohli, Ashwin, Chahal to play.
  2. The meltdown of the Kohli PR across platforms has been so refreshing to see. Just 6 months back they were convinced of their invincibility
  3. I hope it is some hidden masterstroke to expose the seniors and get rid of them permanently. Nothing else explains his bizarre defence of the seniors/trundlers and them getting a free run under him in SL, vs NZ and here. His own reputation as a coach is going to be on the line soon. Even if he was to walk away after a couple of series losses, it will tarnish his stature for good.
  4. Because they tried new players in those T20Is, not useless seniors like we did. A team of rookies winning a series vs a near full strength Indian team is definitely an achievement as they rebuild their team.
  5. This Indian team can make any ordinary spinner look world class. Ajaz Patel picked a 10/10 and was not even picked in the very next test. Steve O'Keefe, Joe Root, leach have all looked world class against us. To their credit, SA spinners did extract more out of the track than our useless spinners. The par score on the track was 265-270 but while bowling 1st, our toothless bowlers gave away 30 extra runs and while defending, they made 287 look 25-30 runs shot
  6. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/sjn-follow-up-csa-will-argue-in-favour-of-dismissing-mark-boucher-at-disciplinary-hearing-1298236 Imagine losing to a team which is embroiled under such a serious issue. No Rabada, no Nortje, Jansen resting, Miller had nothing to do and their coach facing dismissal. This tour will go down as one of the worst ever in our history, all thanks to the love of our new coach for the seniors and his unstinting faith in them.
  7. Maybe he could not because he was in and out of hospital due to heart related problems around that time?
  8. When the spinner keeps darting on leg stump, what use is a slip position. Stop defending our brainless spinners
  9. BCCI should in fact have takes a strong action against the clown for his theatrics in the 3rd test of indirectly accusing SA of ball tampering.
  10. That would have been absolutely the right thing to do. Captain clown was extremely lucky to be on that flight to SA. First he missed the mini camp for SA, joined the team a day before departure and then tried to play the victim card. You cannot accuse your board chairman of being a liar and remain in the team. The destruction of the clown's cartel was always going to be a messy affair. Our CoA jokers didn't have the guts to touch that cartel which only centralised more power in the clown's hands. Gradually cutting him down to size and now his exit from all leadership positions is
  11. He should not be there at at all in LOIs (and not have a free run to bully teams on home tracks in tests). Better to play Kuldeep and get him back on track than play Ashwin. But that discussion is for a different thread
  12. While the start has been disastrous, I remain hopeful. Sreesanth, Munaf, RP Singh, VRV, Ishant - they all had their debut under Dravid's short captaincy tenure (despite mediocre domestic numbers).
  13. Kohli's paid PR still pimping for him...tch tch. Hope these pitiable jokers soon find some other sources of income for their sustenance
  14. And their spinners bowl more attacking lines than our so called world class spinners.
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