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  1. With this kind of a clueless team performance, we don't deserve to move further. The TM is serving notice period, they do not care about team performance. Change the captain to have even a glimmer of a hope.
  2. This one is vastly different from yday's pitches. Here batsmen could easily hit through the line. No turn for the spinners either. BD could well be 10-15 runs short
  3. There are better ways of affirmative action than picking someone not good enough to be in the squad as the captain. If they needed to send across the message, Rabada would have been a much better choice. They have the example of Siya Kolisi, their Rugby Team captain, a well deserved and earned honor.
  4. Of course. Your country men have always had that clarity, all the pappi jhappi talk is from clueless jokers on our side.
  5. The day Star Sports hires Actor or any other clown from the other side, their tune will change. They are clear in their mind on the end objective, we continue to remain clueless and keep looking for bhaichara. I wish if we could completely boycott them everywhere including not playing them even in WCs.
  6. Absolutely yes. Chahal was excluded not based on a 4-5 matches but due to his abysmal performances over last 2-3 years. Also, during this period, his IPL form in the has meant absolutely nothing in T20Is. Also, if IPL form is the benchmark, we should be having Dhawan over Rohit Sharma and Harshal Patel over Bhuvi.
  7. Top surface exploding on the first day of a WC! Making BCB proud and feel at home.
  8. Get some of the best hitters in the game - Lewis, Pooran, Pollard, Russell, Buttler, Roy, Bairstow, Livingstone - and produce a garbage pitch. Well done ICC and BCCI. The pitches at ICC academy and practice grounds were much better, use them as instead of these tacky tracks which will keep producing borefests.
  9. Dew - decide to chase in a knock out game - choke Barring a miracle, this will be our campaign
  10. I do hope some captain goes hard at ICC/ BCCI for these pathetic pitches and for spoiling what could have been a very good WC
  11. Star Sports will be asking for 50% refund from ICC for this 'WC'.
  12. Slow sluggish pitch tailor made for boring cricket...can't blame Windies for trying to be aggressive vs the new ball
  13. Ball stopping making stroke play so difficult...this already has similar feel as the 2007 ODI WC. Going to be a bore fest
  14. ICC organises a T20WC 5 years after the last event and serves the fans this garbage. Could end up being the worst ever T20WC if the pitches do not improve. Might as well decide the winner after a toss.
  15. For being the worst T20I spinner in the last 3 years? FFS during this period the guy averages 38 in T20Is and leaks runs like a busted water pipeline. Should have been dropped long ago
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