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  1. Because we always pick Test batsmen who bat in top 4 for their respective states and the minimum benchmark is a 50+ average. Batting with the lower order is something they hardly do in their formative years. Also, have we ever picked a test batsman with a FC batting average of under 35? People like Anustup Mazumdar, Siddhesh Lad, Surya Yadav, Ganesh Sathish - batsmen who play back to the wall knocks for their respective teams, would they ever get picked over the heavy scorers in domestic cricket? The day we start picking a couple of players on potential, we will start to see similar results.
  2. A sensible decision at last. Pakistanis on twitter speculating someone playing in PSL has tested positive for Corona which has prompted this decision. I hope the speculations are not true, else we could be looking at a potential sporting disaster
  3. Pakistan now has more declared Coved-19 cases than India, is more risk prone due to a porous border with Iran and lots of movement in and out to China. Wonder why the PCB is still continuing with such a high risk strategy. Better to overreact than to wait for a crisis to set in.
  4. Good call by Delhi Govt. to band all kinds of mass gatherings. Need to do this across the country by today evening. If it reads like a panic reaction, so be it.
  5. Any event that puts human lives at risk should be canceled. Glad our Govt recognises this and has initiated steps towards a gradual lockdown. I was myself a sceptic of this approach but seeing how corona has spread exponentially in Europe, fully support a complete lockdown.
  6. The Dhoni-Kohli-Shastri mafia over the last few years has gradually strangulated Indian cricket. Way too much of PR in anything associated with cricket. Add to it lack of professionalism, instead what we see is IOUs and friendships trumping over talent and long term interests of our cricket. This will gradually drift hordes of fans away from the game. This season may just have triggered that process.
  7. It's not a totally flat Rajkot pitch. Difficult to score runs here. Not good for traditional seamers who have picked bucketloads of wickets in helpful conditions. Has started to keep low and take sharp turn gradually towards the end of Day 3
  8. If IPL gets cancelled, what will happen to Thala's comeback plans?
  9. In a season where seamers have prospered under helpful conditions, one non-bowler friendly pitch and every one seems to have limited striking capabilities.
  10. Why stop at canceling the ODI series? Close all the offices, malls, flights, trains, buses, lockdown the country.
  11. Abrasive pitch, not much swing, seam and bounce but looks okay for quality spinners and pacers who can get reverse swing. Bengal found wanting so far, mainly due to lack of pace.
  12. There is a reason why even legends like Sachin, Dada, Sehwag have publicly said how the toxic environment under Greg Chappel impacted their performance. All of them flourished under Kirsten immediately after Chappel’s exit. Will you call them mentally weak?
  13. Captain’s responsibility is to ensure young players feel secure in the team, are clear about their roles so that they can play freely and to shield them from any criticism. Here we have a captain who publicly abuses young players, backs only his friends and yesmen, has created a clique and uses his media clout for targeted campaigns against youngsters he does not like. Natural for a young player to be mentally scared in such a team environment.
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