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  1. Well after your wonderful words behind the back ,could not stop myself.
  2. Lol so much bhakti for corrupt politicians and hate for public. All political parties are same for me but not for you.
  3. And They have also formed a party called bjp.
  4. Rajasthan it in full swing. Up below Is one such example. https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/politicians-against-farmers-protest-not-allowed-in-this-up-village-101610623665119.html Also.read this https://indianexpress.com/article/india/in-up-farmers-get-notice-of-rs-50-lakh-for-protests-police-say-will-revise-sum-7109225/ Bihar https://www.telegraphindia.com/india/farmers-protest-police-lathicharge-on-bihar-farmers/cid/1802019
  5. You live in Canada and I am living just 5 km from punjab in rajasthan. Most of my farmer friends are hindu. You are again not able to judge the kind of anger is here. Regarding the funding obviously canada families will help some of their relatives in problem. That fund will be very small for this kind of protest. And no fool will die for fake protest or sleep in 0 degree temperatures for around 50 days. And your favorite bjp party is the number 1 in getting the foreign funding. Just for your knowledge. Read. https://www.financialexpress.com/india-ne
  6. Keep comforting yourself with media lies. Goverment has made a blunder this time judging the magnitude of the protest. and it is getting bigger and bigger.
  7. Please don't post nonsense if your mind can't process useful info. This is not twitter so I don't think you will be paid either.
  8. Kaffir bhai. That sold out joker arnab was calling farmers fake just like you. So exposing his relation with government is absolutely ok.
  9. Bye bye friends. That's all. No genuine discussion. Only hate and religion. Hope everything ends well.
  10. Lol so much ignorance. Who is ruling haryana.
  11. According to your logic why we are keeping relations with Keep your foolishness and bhakti to yourself. They are against goverment decision not any political party. Are people living in haryana also sikhs.
  12. Lol so opposing government means opposing hinduism. And Even if they do, that does not mean bjp is right. Bjp is just another face of congress. Congress was more powerful negotiating with corporates. Bjp is doing the same job cheaply.
  13. Opposing bjp does not mean supporting congress. The problem is there is no difference between them. People foolishly fight over political parties ignoring the fact, goal is same for both. Learn to ask tough questions from government. Whoever it maybe.
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