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  1. Yes, a couple of times actually. Bowled a few above 145 as well.
  2. Frankly, it would not matter if it got cancelled this year. IPL is an established brand now. I imagine we would have no problems assembling the foreign players and other stakeholders next year in the event of cancellation this year. It's not he same situation as with PSL. And to be honest, IPL and cricket seems insignificant in light of the tragedy facing the country.
  3. Kumble also endured periods when he was dropped from the XI when Harbhajan burst ontot he scene in away tests. However, he was arguably India's biggest match winner at home. Bishnoi has a lot of contenders (some are downright better options) at home, s won;t have the same benefit. I am not talking of leggies only here, including Akshar and other spinners too.
  4. Lack of a turning leg break will always limit his potential. He is talented, but may not be International material.
  5. I think what's beyond debate is that he is an assured starter in the XI for all 3 formats (can even make a case for him as our best bat currently). However, what will be of more interest going forwrd is how his workload will be managed - emergence of Ishan should help. With modern schedule involving living out of a bio-bubble for extended periods, India needs leverage the situation to develop bench strength (one that's actually had Intl experience).
  6. It's mind boggling the number of times he ends up handing advantage over tot he opposition whenver he scores big. Just not cut out for modern cricket, I think! As special a talent as he is, I think India need to look beyond. He is a certified mental midget and will never be able to take the bull by the horns.
  7. The only problem is Gabbar seems to have rediscovered his touch off late. I believe he still hass it in him to boss a couple of ICC events in him. With that said, clearly Pant can no longer be ignored. He is among the best bats in the country. A full strength ODI batting unit should look something like this: Rohit Dhawan Kohli Shreyas (believe his short ball limitation will lead t him being phased out, believe Gill will be our #4) Rahul Pant Pandya Jadeja Once Dhawan declines (or if the TM is totally convinced they want to
  8. The biggest postive for me is their game against short pitched stuff. Among the best players of the pull / hook shot in our team. This why I believe these two will go onto become all format players, while someone like a Shreyas Iyer will eventually get found out and be phased out.
  9. Pant's ceiling is so high as a batsman, I bet he ends his career as the greatest left hander that India has produced. Walks into the LOI team as a pure batsman, if need be. Question is....who keeps wickets if both Rahul and ant play? Clearly they are both would feature if we are putting up the stringest ODI XI. Also, who would open? It should be exciting times ahead. One thing is for sure - it;s going to be impossible for TM to ignore Pant going forward (except for workload reasons).
  10. That should be curtains for Saha....rightly so. End of debate. Rishabh and Rahul can share keeping duties across formats.
  11. Hope they make a documentary. Not sure if anything was captured behind the scenes though due to bio bubbles?!
  12. Kohli will be getting a major case of insecurity right about now, lol.
  13. Great parallel with Dravid scoring 90 in his debut series. I hope Gill goes onto have an equally stellar career....maybe at #3, idk.
  14. It's especially looking worrisome for Pujara. The more I see Gill - he seems better suited to MO (#3 or #4) with his side on technique. Highly doubt he will survive the new ball in England. Out of the all potential openers - Rohit has looked the best. He should make that spot his own going forward. Not sure who he can partner with in Eng and SA - our achillies heel. The slectors need to start looking beyond Prithvi (perhaps Yashaswi Jaiswal?).
  15. Offers better value than Hardik Pandya (with his constant fitness issues) as a seam bowling all rounder. If he learns to get his length right consistently, he will be a handlful with his away swing in England, SA, and WI - the only places where we need a seaming allrounder. On a sidenote - really impressed with Sundar's batting as well. Not yet sold on his offbreaks (but good enough against non-asian teams).
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