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  1. That should be curtains for Saha....rightly so. End of debate. Rishabh and Rahul can share keeping duties across formats.
  2. Hope they make a documentary. Not sure if anything was captured behind the scenes though due to bio bubbles?!
  3. Kohli will be getting a major case of insecurity right about now, lol.
  4. Great parallel with Dravid scoring 90 in his debut series. I hope Gill goes onto have an equally stellar career....maybe at #3, idk.
  5. It's especially looking worrisome for Pujara. The more I see Gill - he seems better suited to MO (#3 or #4) with his side on technique. Highly doubt he will survive the new ball in England. Out of the all potential openers - Rohit has looked the best. He should make that spot his own going forward. Not sure who he can partner with in Eng and SA - our achillies heel. The slectors need to start looking beyond Prithvi (perhaps Yashaswi Jaiswal?).
  6. Offers better value than Hardik Pandya (with his constant fitness issues) as a seam bowling all rounder. If he learns to get his length right consistently, he will be a handlful with his away swing in England, SA, and WI - the only places where we need a seaming allrounder. On a sidenote - really impressed with Sundar's batting as well. Not yet sold on his offbreaks (but good enough against non-asian teams).
  7. Saini is a better prospect than Siraj. He should not be discounted based solely on his LOI performance. IMO, he has better control and brings mroe to the table than Siraj. I'd definitely play both at SCG, if Umesh does not recover.
  8. It's fine to lose a few meaningless ODI series. I feel we understood a lot more about players other than the usual 3 in this series. Clinically polishing off opponents in these ODIs leaves us with the same unanswered questions. The MO is looking a lot more solid with Iyer, KL, Manish and Jadeja. The bowling has taken a few backward strides. But I'm hoping they will come back strong in the Tests.
  9. He has actually made changes to his stance and trigger movement. He is slightly opened up and stays till before the delivery. Great to see.
  10. Yeah, I did not get why he was trying to bounce that #10 bat. To top it some strange field setting, he nailed a perfect yorker a few balls later with no fineleg in place. I have seen this before - the fielding is sloppy, bowling gets sloppy and lazy on these small NZ grounds during LOIs. Probabay coz everyone expects it to be a batting shootout.
  11. Man the Pak U19 poyz seemed like midgets! Whats up with that? Atleast the short Indian bats like Pant and Shaw pack a real wallop when they go afetr the bowling. Those Pak kids looked useless even at the U19 level
  12. I'll wait to see how Bumrah goes in the Test series before jumping to conclusion. Something about LOI's on thes sall grounds that muddles the best of the bowlers!
  13. Its meaningless ODI. Take a chill pill. How are the U19 poyz faring after the thrashing? Amir Khan turned out to be a trundler :D
  14. Thakur can;t bowl a yorker to save his life!
  15. Not even close. Women don't want to do him, boys don't want to be him. Zero marketability. He will always be a Kohli wannabe!
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