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  1. I am not sure that how much cricket you have followed in the past , Both were net bowlers and selected by John Wright and Gutam Gambir , in Regard to Sarfraz , he is at international limelight since 2016 and played one of the best innings under utmost pressure in Under 19 World Cup and adjudged man of the tournament in that year . Have you noticed how much time he had when he plays his shot that’s what you need to know the hallmark of finisher or pressure player . There are many players like him in India but system is so f ....up , that not many people meet honest people as compared to Aus /Nz and Eng which have developed good infrastructure and system that’s why they outshine easily
  2. It’s up to you to accept it as a rant or logic, first of all you do not need million runs or bowls to judge someone . If that was the only criteria your main bowlers Bumrah or Saini would not have played at state level . Next to your point , how many times a Sarfraz khan need to show it ,
  3. He is playing longer than half a season , apparently he was man of the tournament at under 19 level , In terms of kicking out of team , Virat Kohli is allergic to talented people and does not like spot light on someone else.
  4. Do you think any player who is currently playing a more talented than Shubman Gill and Sarfraz Khan , they are once in generation player . They just need a chance to prove themselves . Do you really think that Jadeja an alrounder , Manish Pandey , even Iyer deserve a chance over these young stars ....
  5. Will someone give the opportunity to talent ? Sarfraz Khan - Shubmann Gill Ryan Pirag Abishek Sharma Jaiswal Avesh Khan Mavi Nagarkoti Many more Will they get an opportunity before they turn 30 ? Or Mr Kohli is great ???
  6. Not Really , you got so much talent in this country but Indian system is not think past Dhoni , Yadav or Thakur because that’s but make people like Kohli one of the best . the talent like Shubman Gill , Sarfraz Khan , Ryan Pirag , Avesh Khan been made work like a donkey before even they give up on their own . So problem is your system not players , once you fix that 5-10 Kohli will be knocking the door , also not to mention to hire someone who can identify the talent and speed up to fore .
  7. The answer to your question is that players are the product of the system not other way around , India is country of billion people and there is lot of talent in this country but the problem lies in the fact that their system is so rigged up that average person neither has proper ground , system , guidance to progress them to next level . If someone good enough make it to the top level , people like Kohli will never give them chance to make them to Indian team , the classical example is Shubman Gill , Sarfraz Khan , Ryan Pirag , Avesh Khan and many more . Even an average person knows that they are super star and need chances at the top level to shine but in fact people like Dhoni , Jadhav or shard Thakhur are perferred so that he look like super star . It’s So unfortunate for them that they are playing for India if they have been born in half the talent in other country , they would have been playing at international level . so before someone fix the player it is better to fix the system so talented people get selected and there is proper support system behind player to guide them, if you able to do that you can field 10-11 top notch quality players at the international level otherwise story will continue .....
  8. I am not sure bother that Virat is very liberal captain to give young stars the chances .
  9. I thought Gill and Rohit are quite handy batsmen they not just hold one end but also got 4 th gear to their batting as required . Other option if it does not work out will be of Mayank Agarwal , who is definitely a t20 player.
  10. Not Rahul , Gill will be best suited to Penang position , he can play 20 overs from 1 end just like Gambir . Other Adjustments I thought they need is Shreyas Iyer on Nimber 4 . The last one not many people will agree but I reckon Dinesh Karthik will be very handy and compact batsmen for t20 Innings .
  11. Money , power , fame and big brands association the more you have the more you want , it is very apparent from his team selection and policies unless someone closed his / her eyes . If he is fair and honest let give Gill , Iyer , Manyak , Sarfraz a chance and see who stands where and the best man Rohit captain the team .
  12. Bhai , we can send him to Pakistan then , he will be perfect fit to Sarfraz khan position and probably can captain them at 2023 World Cup .
  13. That’s call favouritism mate , It is like the way that Indian cricket is my personal property and my friend needs a job so I give him a job in expense of someone more talented . Other way is to be star struck in Indian Team is to be play with mediocre players like Yadav , Rahul , Dhoni , Shankar or some extent Dhawan too and be hero in India which will mean more sponsorships and fame in India .
  14. Apart from 1-2 exceptions there are not many young players get a chance in Last 1-2years , if you listen to sheryas iyer carefully he has made it very clear that there is very less hope of getting selected in Indian Team even after topping the chart in Donestic Cricket . Many of the talent will not survive during that time unless they are 20 year old .this is what happened to Robin Uthappa , irfan Pathan and few other players . In the case of Gill he has been around for 2 Years and even though the player of that talent is struggling to get into the team here Rahul , Yadav , Dhoni and Shankar is automatic pick . On his fitness , It is good if he keeps himself fit , that should be the case if you are representing your country an gets big buck of money , but there is nothing special about that it is normally expected from club level cricketers in Aus , Nz or England . On his captaincy do you think he should be dictating the system with the failure brand of cricketers like Yadav , Dhoni and Rahul . If you look between Rohit and his captaincy it is difference of land and sky between him , he often blood oldies in his team and on the ther hand Rohit backs young and attacking aprriach to game that’s why his team top the the last 2 columns in ipl . The cricket is not a rocket science but players like Dhoni abd Kohli like make it to be .
  15. Dear Friend , if you follow domestic cricket you will definitely know how much harm he has done to Indian cricket system , First of all he Is destroying the career of many talented player as he does not like the cricketer who can challenge him the classical example is Shubman Gill , Sheras Iyer and Sarfraz khan and dozens of more cricketers in the country , the second he runs the Indian cricket as its personal property , otherwise the expiry date cricketer like Dhoni and Yadav will never would have make to even Indian A team , The third one is he is the worst captain I have seen in last 15 years and make look like 1980 team of India in 2019 . The last but not least I never seen any board where captain interfere so much with coach and selection matters , it always be transparent and independent . I am pretty sure the Indian cricket will be so much better without him .
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