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  1. Karnataka was pretty poor last season too,yeah they won the tournament..but had a lot of luck
  2. Nair doesn't deserve a spot in Karnataka side,hasn't done anything for 3-4 years now..hogs the opener slot which should be Bharats
  3. Gopal is probably better equipped technically than Karnataka top order bats
  4. Dhawan replaced KL in the first test of SA, this was when Rahul was actually playing well ...was ranked 6th in ICC tests ranking ...lol
  5. Hardly a surprise, if he scores one 50..he will seal his spot as an opener and most likely will replace Virat as captain in all formats by end of this year
  6. I lost hopes on Virat the day they dropped an in form VIJAY and Pujara to accommodate Dhawan and Rohit in WI,this was 4 years back ..and he's only proved much worse than I expected him to be . So yeah am ok with Rohit for LOIs You are underestimating the kind of influence Rohit has, if there is anyone who can topple him and with backing from Mumbai lobby I think its realistic
  7. You get some right :) its a no trade zone for me , will go long only above 30200 levels ..there could be another attempt to take it lower . Let's see how this goes . nifty looks much more stronger
  8. Got drunk and over slept . Lol @ all the lucky ones who watched it live
  9. Not against new ball ..it makes sense on a flatter pitch were tailenders have a decent chance of surviving
  10. My wife asking me, when Bumrah became a good batsmen that he’s batting at 3
  11. Pant and Gill were the only 2 I was looking forward to, don’t mind KL either though he dosent deserve a spot ahead of the guys in playing 11 . Cant wait for the first test to get over and some one other else captain the side .
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