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  1. Damn this Natarajan is already 29 years old
  2. Iyer reminds me of Shoaib Malik , looks like Bradman against spin but quick bowlers can easily contain him .
  3. Who’s the choker here ? Our best bowler or our best batsmen ? Lol
  4. Stoinis and Jordan , both are crap one had a good day in a international match and other in a IPL game
  5. I think you do get drained out batting a long innings in UAE , even Agarwal other day was struggling towards the end
  6. Haha RCB is full of jokers Team not to taken seriously
  7. Dropped catch and everyone thought it was Virat lol
  8. It’s a fairly big ground this one , the bowling has been poor ..
  9. First time seen Dube hit cleanly ..all good shots , so there is hope ?
  10. Same here , was called Afridi by my friends as I swung at every ball and connected only a few ..worse feeling is you are playing so badly and you won’t even get out on such days lol
  11. Prasidh imo is a better prospect for longer versions , prefer Mavi of the 3 for T20s
  12. If not RCB have the same age old problem of too heavy batting .
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