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Those who wanted Vijay/rahul over Dhawan - Time to eat a crow

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23 minutes ago, GautiMaan said:

Don't worry Dhawan fans now that Vijay has failed,Dhawan will be brought back furthering this endless cycle

Likes of Aggarwal will continue to languish


15 minutes ago, Clarke said:


Yes, Dhawan is the guy to face the fast menacing outswinger from Starc :phehe:


Yes, he'll score 10 more than Vijay here but that's not the answer for the opening conundrum.


Neither is Rohit for the record.



13 minutes ago, Clarke said:

At the risk of being repititive, I'll still say it wouldn't hurt to have tried 2 youngsters as openers, besides Shaw Mayank should have been tried. These folks are more likely to have hunger in them to fight it out rather than pretend to be Sehwag. 

Try a new one like Shaw and I have no problem. But issue is Vijay over Dhawan. Vijay's body language is so negative atleast Dhawan shows confidence.

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