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Forever Indian

ICF IPL 2020 Fantasy League *continuation of the old Archived thread*

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Hey guys, the original thread for this got Archived due to a bug and the mods/admins are unable to unarchive it. Let's use this thread to continue the discussions :icflove:


Old Archived thread: 



Forever Indian - Forever Indian XI

Ankit_Sharma03 - Jackattack

Scarface - Scarface83

Ajju - AJOCT31

Cricketics - IADExpress

Kajubadamchor - Kajubadam0123

VickyDev - TeesriAankh

Rasgulla - INDOAUSWarriors

Chewy - Mujeeb Lynn Na Iyer

Ssuren - Surencr7

OctavianBadshah - Devansh Warriors 7384

Chennai Chargers - Chennai Champpions

Aditya19 - ADITYA XI 5245

Tridibans_16 - TRIDI472MN

-Robin- - Robin7990


The Hound - Hounds of Justice 7


Straight Drive - Tonkit

Bleed Blue - BleedBlue199000000

??? - Nansi Femena

??? - Hoycaramba

??? - PopoyeXI

??? - Memme23



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39 minutes ago, Ajju said:

LKC ka Bachalu

got 510 points yeterday


@Forever Indianbut we have reference for Team name with User right?

I saved it to the archived thread initial post, can't find that thread now. I will hopefully get the admins to find it and add here.


Update: Done now :dance:

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