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  1. There used to be a guy called Yousuf Youhana you guys managed to turn him into this Goes round pretends to be a real Muslim
  2. both khaleel and natarajan to feast on he does that.. There is a reason he ll never be a top top player huhhhh
  3. DC should try get 10 from rashid and they can feast on rest if they r smart
  4. He took bhuvi for a ride in an over with a cute shot last year.. Pretty good innings that
  5. 16th over - bhuvi 17th over - rashid 18th over - nata 19th over bhuvi 20th over that jaleel should be fine
  6. looking hopeless atm just take on that abishek man
  7. going down to wire again.. Another heart attack match
  8. panty freely playing dots before he slogs
  9. shades of tewitya can be seen in Iyer today
  10. 2 overs 7 runs.. Why don't u bowl axar in middle overs ? lol
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