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  1. Lion is resting. I m back so as our pandyaaaa
  2. Erri pukka forum ki kotta aithe gudha musukoni kurcho Pedha World Cup win iyyinetu buildup nuvu. Nee anta kalli ga evadu ledu roju changes cheyadaniki. Petha pottugadu ani feeling nuvu lol
  3. Now available here or I will teach you bum a lesson bach gaya lkc ka bachaaa
  4. yes everytime they bowl a delivery less than 125 their testicle should be cut off. This ll prevent them from bowling those kind of deliveries!
  5. dude you still cry and moan till this day about Dravid declaring so stop attacking a guy who is stating facts Even if kohli retired today he is a bigger match winner than sachin anydayyy!
  6. Does he even deserve to be in that T20I squad based on his stats?
  7. When any team plays against India, They are all minnows because there is nothing greater than India Jaii Hinddd
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