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  1. Says who ? Some nobody who spent his life doing midget's chamchagiri ? God ? Outside India no one gives a rat's ass about him. You can try Sharapova or Even Roger who is yet to reply to his cringe tag Sachin "The Gawdd" hoga for you. He is a decent cricketer who was lucky to play in 90s where rest of them are average. I doubt he could have handled the modern the competition lol "Gawddd" has history of choking.
  2. But in reality they won nothing under Sachin. When Pointing took over. They started winning...
  3. In reality got his ass kicked by Dhoni's CSK in 2010 when he was the captain. Well said another "RCB"
  4. Track record of winning big trophies unlike gangu bhai. Like i said I rather take trophies than hearts and lungs gangu bhai won. Virat Kohli ( Best Batsmen India has ever produced. He was backed by Dhoni, Kohli himself said it) - 3 formats player Rohit Sharma ( MS backed him like No one else. Trolled alot in initial years. Just look at him now) - 2 formats player Bumrah (If he keeps going like this he ll the best ever fast bowler. Played almost every match under MS) - 3 formats players Pujara (Won a series in Aus and his performances speak for itself) Test player Jaddu (Was trolled for being CSK quota but can't show me single spinning allrounder who is better than him) Raina (Under rated but prob best T20 player of all time for India. Has many records in IPL and many crucial innings for India) 2 format player Dhoni himself ( No much to be said... GOAT) 3 format player Ishant / Shami / Bhuvi ( One of them would easily walk in to All time XI to play with Zak and Bumrah) Hell he even gave chance to finished yuvi after 2013CT win. All these players can walk into anytime India XI based on format.
  5. I wonder how that happened ? I wonder who started the cleaning out oldies from 2007 in ODIs ? You just like Gambo is nothing but a flip flop. India won a bloody 2007 T20 WC without the help of your oldies. While they shamelessly got knocked out in 2007, Dhoni took a young squad and WON one. Guy atleast won 2007 , 2011 , 2013 ICC events. What did oldies win other than hearts and lungs like Bangaldesh before Dhoni in ICC events. Sachin, Zaheer, Sehwag, Yuvi and Co. was part of that England tour. So what you on about ? Just like Gambo you are speaking out of your Bum as always. Agenda driven chamcha
  6. If i go by his dumbass logic England beat India in 2013 at home. He was part of that 2013 Test squad along with Sachin, Zaheer, Sehwag, Yuvi and Co. So is he trying to say that he was a quality player yet managed to lose? Compared to team that was passed on by Dhoni to Virat who never lost a series at home and has a Away series win in AUS so apparently that's not a quality side ? Isolation is getting to some people. This guy is a such a flip flop.
  7. Only way shastri would fight with Virat Is if he drank his last peg. Source : Global.Baba(don't forget the dot)
  8. Did he say anything about India winning Only way we can win something big...
  9. Rotting on the bench : Virat Kohli (Old man)
  10. Rasgulla

    Watch Thread !!!

    Took you these many days to google the price Its only 100k that's nothing for you velu bhai. Sell your shares in "Bira" and "Royal challenge"
  11. Food rich people eat and all the access they have to nutrition. He ll be absolutely fine.
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