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IPL 2023-Pitches dedicated to Batsmen and Spinners-nothing for Pacers.


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I remember a Patta wicket in which I opened and was not out at 69 after 20 overs.


because we chased we won the Match. they started bowling at 1:30 PM under scorching heat. first 2 overs they bowled at Pace and I played 9 of those 12 balls and kinda SURVIVED though i was probably LBW off a leg going ball but i got the benefit of doubt. After the first 2 overs , the pacers became Spinners with no turn and guile,  3 batsman came and probably in trying to hit gave their wickets after scoring some easy runs , one of them got run out due to me being a bit SLOW. after scoring 50 i was dead tired but the captain sent a message to not get out and make us win. i had glucose and water and was not out till 69.


though it was my second highest score in scorching Sun but i knew that a 25 on a green patta was much tougher than this 69- bcos only thing that was tested was my determination and nothing else.


exactly that happened in this IPL - practically every opener went for his shots and got some seriously easy scoring Opportunities, i felt that bowlers did not try hard while bowling ( exactly like that match in which i felt that bowlers bowled with 6 step run ups)

in adversity and tough conditions - bowlers look to apply too much of brain and start trying cutters and cross angle bowling and bouncers ( which are SLOW mid pitch balls asking to be hit)

after the match every one appreciated my batting and my determination and my strength BUT truth was that i had some seriously easy peasy lemon-squeezy time as a batsman. water helped me to stand on my feet and only that was the challenge.


thats why i hardly read too much of big hitting that gill, tilak, dubey , and practically each teams opener has done in this IPL. just note that Opener of each team has been a SUCCESS- do u think all of them are worth playing for INDIA- definitely Not.

i saw the matches , just for 45 minutes during the end or during the start when pacers started. if bcci does not do anything in next IPL, Pacers will bowl of a 6 step RUN UP in the next IPL. 

I am not kidding , this is truth. if their pace is hit on patta's they will be asked to bowl of a 5 step run up to maintain 10th stump yorker bowling. its a pity the best ball in this IPL was a yorket at 12th stump way outside.


is this the way we are trying to treat our pacers.

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