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Accuracy and Effectiveness of Medium Pacers

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PACE IS PACE YAAAAR :hysterical::hysterical:




19.1 Nortje to Shepherd, FOUR runs Shepherd gets going now. Slower back of a length ball off, he flat bats it past the bowler, past the stumps and rockets into the fence between long-on and long-off


19.2 Nortje to Shepherd, SIX runs What a hit! Slower length ball outside off, he stands tall and deposits the ball flat and hard over long-on


19.3 Nortje to Shepherd, SIX runs WALLOPED! Length ball on middle stump, he hopped across and sends it soaring miles, miles over deep square leg


19.4 Nortje to Shepherd, SIX runs THREE IN THREE! Offcutter dug into the pitch outside off, he backs away, generates all the pace and thrashes him over deep cover


19.5 Nortje to Shepherd, FOUR runs FOUR MORE! Fuller and on pace on the stumps. Shepherd backs and powers it straight back past the bowler. He's hit that so hard that there is no chance for long-on to get across


19.6 Nortje to Shepherd, SIX runs Thirty two runs off that last over. What a finish for Mumbai! What bat speed Shepherd is generating, what power! He finishes on 39 off 10 balls. Fuller on middle and leg, he clears his back leg and flicks it powerfully over long-on
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20 hours ago, Jaydev_Unadkat said:

Nortje is another reminder to all the low iq PHAAAST PUNDITS :hysterical: These clowns with no control will get smashed even if they bowl 165 kph



Nortje needs that 150 to 155 pace otherwise he becomes far too easy to hit


He did bowl well in Australia though 

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4 hours ago, Need4Speed said:

Nortje bowls some unplayable pacy and accurate bowls…

down the leg side

Overpitched bowls


Even top batters cant hit thrm due to his pace


That's why he is going at 12 RPO after being pummeled by Riyan Parag, Ashwin and 50 year old Dhoni of all people


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1 hour ago, Jaydev_Unadkat said:


That's why he is going at 12 RPO after being pummeled by Riyan Parag, Ashwin and 50 year old Dhoni of all people


was sarcasm :D. his pace wont matter for poor bowls..

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On 4/11/2024 at 1:28 AM, Jaydev_Unadkat said:

Fantastic performance by the Brett Lee of India Kuldeep Chen :hysterical::hysterical:


but but but.. India should pick Tyagi Umran and Sen together so that they can break the world record for the most runs conceded 

Does not understand why people like this useless unakdat should be even playing cricket. Absolute waste of an IPL slot

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10 hours ago, Jaydev_Unadkat said:

Arshdeep back to shut the idiots of the forum up.. What a bowler..Bowling accurately, picking up wickets and that too without getting injured every 12 balls

Arshdeep can bat too. 

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