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Count me IN too!

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Re: Count me IN too! Bumper bhai, I knew plans were afoot and it was just a matter of time for the real gang to break out. Well my bad! I found you guys at a similar site (cricket discussion??) and posted there only to find later that the last posting was on 5th Nov. Now this is exactly what I did. Googled 'Bheembhai' and the rest is___. I am really thrilled to be with you all.

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Re: Count me IN too! Bhailog, I am breathing in a cricket forum after a quite a while! Every sensible fan was aware of the crap going on there but when guys like Bumper, crazy, Shwetabh,Gambit, Dhondy,Guyinblue and Radhika wanted to challenge the system, people like Bheembhai,veer and Dada preferred to protest silently. I just can't let some dick abuse/insult me in a forum only b'coz he is a mod. I kept quiet, at times dejected, at times felt like never visiting that forum again! It was ONLY my love and respect for the wealth of talented lots which kept me at that site which is also I guess why we all stayed there for so long in the first place. Now that a corner has been turned lets stay united and enjoy cricket and other topics the way its supposed to be!

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