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Anti Virat Kohli Club

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Kohli's best performance in the Indo-Pak series - Winning the 'Best Haircut' contest at Eden by a whopping 52 % votes. Saurav01 is the president of the anti-Kohli club at ICF. The agenda of the club is to monitor the performances of Virat Kohli. The club also believes that Cheteshwar Pujara should be India's next captain in Tests and ODIs, and not Virat Kohli. Active members of the club so far are Sandeep99 Testplayer Just a Fan Vibhash SLICKR392 velu diga Square Drive Lord bulbul Sachin=GOD littlemaster1982 jalebi bhai transparent chepujaradon trundlerNo1 leoniraj priyanka.rdvk texy Gautimaan vandokkum Honoured to be part of this club!:hatsoff: Some Kohli Stats so far - Kohli's Test performances: Kohli against Australia (in Australia) - 37.50 Kohli against WI (in WI) - 15.20 Kohli against England (at home) - 31.33 Kohli's performances in ODI finals: Matches Runs Highest Average 5 104 37 26.00 And all the 5 Finals were against Sri Lanka. His average against Sri Lanka in ODIs overall = 55, but drops down to 26 in Finals! Like we said, the objective of this thread is to not bash Kohli. This is to look at his performances in a very unbiased and objective way. We sincerely hope this guy would go on to achieve great things! The Club's manifesto contributed by MTC:

AVKC - Anti Virat Kohli Club The AVKC was founded when a few philantropist individuals with nothing but the well-being of the country in mind and the thirst and ambition to stand up and do something, met and discussed about India's cicketing future. The club consists of esteemed and well respected personalities from all walks of lives. Our club is open to all without any prejudice or discrimination (unless your ID is Sabby or India-KXIP Fan, in which case you are not welcome. Who will we pick on?). The members of AVKC are usually noted for their keen intelligence, extreme good looks and charismatic personalties. We are currently in the genisis stage and are inviting membership from like minded individuals (who are not Sabby or India-KXIP Fan). We firmly believe that together we can achieve the goal of making India no 1 in cricket across all formats. Our manifesto is as follows 1) Establishing the fact and getting others to accept that Kohli is just one of the many talented individuals in Indian cricket right now and not very special over and above them as some blind fans claim. Pujara and Rohit are much more talented 2) Pujara over Kohli for captain - Pujara is better suited for captaincy than Kohli 3) Savng our Indian moms and sis from abuse by being anti-Kohli 4) Being against everything Sabby and India-KXIP Fan stand for 5) Using our jinxing and Anti-jinxing capalities to help India become a cricket super-power (We already have this series win as an achievement!). AVKC is India's good luck charm 6) We will continue with our club and agenda till people realise the truth about Kohli, solve the middle-east crisis, reduce oil price and corruption and bring in world peace
Let the discussion beginB->
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