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  1. Malik and Hafeez cannot play together. They are both 40 fgs. Plus Hafeez has not played any cricket due to illness..not sure on what basis he has been selected.
  2. What does said word mean? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. I’d rather listen to people that faced him rather than Jay from a forum.
  4. There is no denying Waqar was swift. It’s no ‘fairytale’ as some experts here claim.
  5. Now you are chatting bakwas/clutching at straws. Everyone can see Waqar is trundling here and it’s pretty obvious it does not look ‘breakneck’ speed because it is not peak Waqar. Nothing compared to videos of him from 1991-1995. Funny that some here have all of a sudden become fast bowling experts after Ind lol
  6. As I said..batsmen that faced him must be making it up when they talk about how quick he was then. Leave it to the experts here.
  7. Batsmen that faced Waqar back then and talk about how fast he was must be deluded. Lets take the word of forum users instead yeh
  8. Looks like Irfan is daddy talent scout
  9. India should be ruling in all formats with the endless amount of talent at their disposal. Don’t waste this kid in domestic cricket.
  10. Serious potential. Nice flowing action. Similar to a young Waqar pre-back injury.
  11. Crying again! Yeh Ind speedguns are da best in da worrrlld Naseem is a rythm bowler. He is looking in rhythm and bowling 145k+
  12. Tbh…PCB should never have invited any country to tour in the first place. Would have been better off with getting on with it in the UAE.
  13. I wouldn’t pick either actually. I don’t support child murderers unlike bakhts. Well it’s obvious why you don’t consider them terrorist country.. because you are okay with them slaughtering kids. Shameless hypocrisy.
  14. Meanwhile you guys are busy cheerleading and sucking off biggest terrorist in the Middleast..Israhell. I sko kehthey hypocrites.
  15. Keep tub of vaseline handy..you will need it for the amount of jerking off you will be doing on hearing this
  16. Already have paid the price. Pak won’t just kneel down to others requests.
  17. Why should Pakistan be used as grounds for access to Afg? Pak had every right to decline.
  18. It’s not loading for me either now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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