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  1. cric_fan

    The Pink Panther

    I re-watched all of them recently. Absolutely brilliantly hilarious :D
  2. Alex Hales showed symptoms after landing in Eng. Currently in isolation.
  3. Do you want my eardrums to blow?
  4. Looks like Lahore peaking at the right moment.
  5. Man you guys are harsh. Kohli is just going through a rough patch. It happens.
  6. Holy sh!t Steve Smith is well ahead of the pack!
  7. Back injuries can have a detrimental effect on a fast bowler. He has been rushed back.
  8. NZ is one of the most difficult tours. To dismantle the #1 team in this manner is an achievement.
  9. Overreaction. No Sharma, No Dhawan, No Pandya. Bumrah not in form. Just a blip.
  10. Why is Kohli bowling Thakur in these crunch overs??
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