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  1. Can someone tell me about why everyone is after Shahrukh Khan? Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  2. Arrogance is dripping in all of his responses. I don't feel good. We are going to lose next 3 match if he remains arrogant about his choices. Look how he says there are no regrets about selecting Nadeem over Kuldeep. He is not bothered about this loss. Perhaps he thinks he can turn the tables like Rahane did at MCG :D
  3. 1 time 80's : 89* 4 time in 90's : 92,92,91,97 2 time 100+ : 159* 118 I like his fearless attitude and he doesn't go after his personal milestones. But some part of me thinks he should be careful in 90s. 5 year down the line, critics will say he doesn't have centuries for India. These 90s will hurt him. Just imagine if he had 6 centuries! Nobody could have dared to raise eyebrows on his selection. I think in future he can be played as pure batsman too.
  4. The good thing is that he is with Mumbai Indians means he will be nurtured well.
  5. Yes, Prasar Bharti even has youtube channel where they stream their radio commentary
  6. He is one of the nicest commentators. Long ago he used to do radio commentary for AIR. I still remember listening to him and Sunil Vaidya during 2003-2006 when we didn't have cable TV. I don't think these modern day commentators can match the excitement what veterans used to bring.
  7. #BanSportsTak is trending on twitter. I found a related video from twitter
  8. As much as Pujara is modern day great becuse of his resiliance, Dravid was way more aesthetic to watch. Pujara is good, records show that but he doesn't "look" good to watch. I wouldn't do any other comparison.
  9. General trend to think any rising batsman a good captain. I would say Bumrah could be next one after Kohli/Rahane.
  10. It was a good gesture, but I feel for Lyon. Ten years down, he will see this jersey framed in his home and get reminded that he lost to a bunch of new kids in his 100th match He was completely dejected at the end.
  11. India have announced the squad for the first two Tests against England Captain Virat Kohli, Ishant Sharma, and Hardik Pandya are back in the side
  12. My first cricket memories take my to 1999 World Cup when Sachin scored 100 after attending his father's funeral and looked upwards like he paid tribute. In the same world-cup India lost to Australia while chasing 283. We were 4 down for 17 runs and I saw some magic happening with Jadeja and Robin Singh doing counter-attack. I remember shouting from first floor and asking my sister to join back whenever they hit four, but we lost. We had some great players but we never won convincingly in foreign conditions because we were not good enough as a team. I have been watching cricket passionately fo
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