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  1. The should swap with Australia. We can have full houses in Australia :)
  2. His $50k donations is roughly 2.5% of his annual IPL income. Imagine if all players donate 2.5% of their income, it will be such a great amount.
  3. He has been dissapointing. He is next Varun Aaron/Umesh Yadav in making. At least Umesh has good test record in India.
  4. He played first 3 matches on slow Chennai track. Now playing in Mumbai he has conceded 47 and 51 in two games. Wait and watch, real Harshal Patel will show up!
  5. Don't be surprised if Kohli selects Harshal Patel for WT20.
  6. Look at second row too! :D
  7. DM me. I can connect you to a friend who is covering IPL this year. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  8. I am impressed the way Bumrah kept his personal life away from media in this era. Not like our Captain who does not let go any chance to be a showman.
  9. Siraj played so well with Ashwin, don't know why he exposed his stumps today
  10. If you build a team of tailenders from whole word, our bowlers would still be tailenders in that team
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