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  1. Its all good to bash Pakistan but if u keep your heads in sand and keep believing in this Maha liar, u will soon catch up with your neighbors. Evidence is all in front of your eyes but if u still think not a single inch of Indian territory is captured than its only Indians loss.
  2. one big plus of not being in the finals is we can enjoy this amazing clown fest thriller without tension and who ever lose we can troll hard as Pakistani.
  3. Good to see for once indians batsman panicking like us.
  4. I think kiwis are gonna blow this again, even Dube g ain't enough to help them.
  5. Bumrah single handedly winning it for India, from the rest only dube can hold his he's high.
  6. The gap between Bumrah and rest of the bowlers is astonishing, it's like Ferrari vs rickshaw.
  7. I think it's fastest T20 fifty by Williamson.
  8. Oh man this man has balls of steel. The true Aussie who never say die.
  9. Pandu is India Lucky charm, what a rubbish way to get out, match gifted,
  10. It's always fun to watch Toygers getting some proper spanking.
  11. 2nd best team in Asia, Ladies and gentlemen
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