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  1. This is what Virat did after the media was focussing on Brisbane heroes!
  2. R u serious? India won inspite of Shastri is what I am thinking!
  3. We could have been 1-2 easily if not for Pant staying not out today !
  4. Looks like the bowlers were deliberately bowling slow to him !
  5. This image clears a lot of misconceptions about Che Pu. High time everyone just let him be!
  6. Now what will be virat's reaction if someone calls him ' be*ich*d ' !
  7. They can't 'spell' , but at least they should 'type'
  8. Did you forget Karun Nair who was benched after a 300 in a test match against a strong side like England !
  9. Sports Tak crosses 5 million subscribers milestone !
  10. Also the concussion ball was not a beamer/bouncer. Jadeja actually topedged it on to the helmet !
  11. Jadeja also had a hamstring injury and would not have bowled if not for the concussion. Technically, like for like would mean, someone who would not have bowled !
  12. University level I think , has he played Ranji ?
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