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  1. Just goes to show why Sachin is the greatest Indian batsman ever!
  2. Do watch this video. This guy explains a lot of things in a dignified way.
  3. https://twitter.com/shychipmunk1/status/1492069461704134660?t=7Y5rJveAh_tpoo4PqrvHXg&s=19
  4. I am still surprised Australia have agreed to visit Pakistan! Especially after what NZ did!
  5. Hello sir! What are your views on the latest ajinkya rahane - boria interview ??
  6. https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/i-made-the-decisions-but-someone-else-took-its-credit-ajinkya-rahane-fires-cryptic-shot-about-india-s-test-win-in-australia-101644479649016.html
  7. For the first time Ajinkya Rahane speaks up about Australia test series victory credit not given to him but Virat! Probably he has realised that his test career is done with and there is nothing to lose!
  8. India won the Asia Cup & Nidahas cup without Virat in the squad. With Virat India lost a bunch of T20 WCs & a couple of 50 over WCs India dont need a Virat to win any tournament. Virat can't even win the IPL forget any ICC event! Earlier Virat used to win meaningless bilaterals easily but now in SA he started losing that too !
  9. We also played a 38 year old keeper-batsman in 2019 WC, not only that we celebrate his match losing innings in the semi final!
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