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Ire & Eng LOI 2022 tours a test for Kishan

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Kishan has so far only played in Asia. I am yet not too confident in his abilities to play bounce in the upper chest and higher area. Strike rotation can be an issue too, however since he plays in power plays, he has the ability to get the big shots in. 


Before India jumps the gun on him as an opener in the T20WC2022, Kishan needs to pass the test of playing overseas. I am not sure what type of pace bowlers Ireland has but I hope that Eng play its quicks that can bounce a batsman out. 


In KL's potential absence, Kishan has a good opportunity to showcase his talent. I hope he does well as he provides that WK & left-handed batsman option but would not be surprised if he goes the S Iyer way, who was exposed in Aus. 


Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

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1. Kishen is a player of flat decks as of now. Any pitch where he ll need to adjust he' ll mostly struggle. 

2. He is talented but not as much gill, shaw, pant, KL. 

3. He ll be extremely inconsistent and till now teams havent worked a concrete plan against him like now with pant, iyer and when they do he ll be even more inconsistent. 


Keep these things in mind ur expectations will be normal. Dont get excited when he scores coz that wnt be consistent as seen in IPL that till now he just 1-2 good season in whole IPL career.


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5 minutes ago, zen said:

but would not be surprised if he goes the S Iyer way, who was exposed in Aus. 


They both have many deficiencies in their game but in LOI kishen aggresion will work in his favour. Plus power game is an X factor which can get u out from tough situation. Iyer has issues plus lacks X factor 

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