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  1. If you need a 35 year old keeper, coming back after almost 20 months of no competitive cricket, for a home series vs weakened SA, SL and BD as your differentiator and then drop him at the first available opportunity in a tough away series, then whatever Saha brings to the table becomes immaterial. Likewise for Ashwin. If he is to be picked only for home tests, why not give Kuldeep or any other wrist spinner a go at home vs weaker opposition. It's these short sighted decisions that are hurting this team.
  2. 125 runs by the Kiwi tail in the 1st test, 80 runs in this test - surely the bowlers had a minor role as well. Not to forget letting Kiwi opener blunt the new ball easily. Senior batsmen have to be blamed (4 of the our top 7 batsmen have played less than 15 tests, 3 of whom were making a comeback in the series- Shaw, Vihari and Pant). Bowlers except Bumrah have all been playing for the last 7-8 years or more and were on their umpteenth tour outside Asia
  3. I forgot to add Saini to the list. He will be blamed as well for not doing enough during the LOIs and letting the team down. We could even see stories about his poor attitude in the media.
  4. 1st test: 225/7 to 348 2nd Test: 153/7 to 235 Let's not blame the bowlers, sure
  5. Let’s look at who this TM will most likely target for the shameful surrender. 1. Pant - His career is almost over. They have messed him up mentally all tour and then out of the blue, thrust him for the tests. He did not look ready and should blame himself for blowing his chances. 2. Rahane - Senior batsman, another failure in SENA. Barring a miracle, he will be removed from the team 3. Pujara - Another poor series and the TM has already blamed his slow batting. TM and it’s media consorts will blame his lack of aggression for team’s poor batting 4. Vihari - Like Pant,
  6. Safe to say we will not make it to the finals. A team that can’t compete away from home despite such resources at its disposal does not deserve anything but scorn.
  7. Was always on the cards. When teams are run unprofessionally by incompetent fools, you get whacked against good teams. Kohli and Shastri can gloat over the T20 win against a Kiwi side that hardly bothered about the series.
  8. Keep changing the batsmen and bowlers, nothing will improve till the time this toxic leadership group is in charge. They promote nepotism over meritocracy, count years of experience over form and give importance to friendships over professionalism This egoist, arrogant and FAKE man manager duo has damaged our cricket so badly, it will take a lot of time for us to recover. Many of us have been call this out for months.
  9. Said this before, saying again his decline will be swift and painful. What he has done to so many young players, karma will ensure he faces the same situation. Only way forward is for him to resign as captain and take the spotlight away from him.
  10. Giving a free run to an arrogant and dishonest leadership does have its pitfalls. What we are seeing now is a manifestation of everything this captain-coach duo have done over the last 15-18 months - destroying young careers, random decisions for short term benefits and the burning desire of the captain to boost stats vs weaker opposition.
  11. Can’t see Kiwis scoring anything less than 400. Could even be a couple of days of leather hunt ahead for us.
  12. Where has the fake aggression of Captain Cuckoo disappeared?
  13. Nearly 42% on short of length - criminal waste of the new ball on this pitch
  14. Look at the arrogance. His team has been whitewashed in ODIs and shamed in the 1st test yet the Coach Boozer has the audacity to talk as if his team has won every series outside Asia.
  15. IF Saha and Ashwin are not picked tomorrow, Captain Cuckoo should be asked tough questions about picking them for home series vs weak opposition when Pant and Kuldeep could so easily have been given an opportunity to play more and prepare better for these tougher challenges.
  16. They will play Jadeja for his batting but will not pick 4 pacers.
  17. Shastri didn’t mention him at all in the pre match PC. There was news of Shaw hurting his foot in practice, no updates post that.
  18. Ishant out, Umesh in Ashwin likely to be out, Jadeja in - thats the level of faith they have in their 'premier' spinner Ashwin. One test and out! Could so easily have used the home season to groom Kuldeep, but then short term gains are all that these jokers Kohli-Shastri care about Not sure what other changes Captain Cuckoo has on his mind.
  19. They rushed Bhuvi from injury, derailed him forever, have done this with Ishant now who could now be out for a long time. Praying and hoping for Bumrah.
  20. No expert will ever call Warner and Sehwag as failed openers. They were not as successful in certain conditions. Does not make them lesser players.
  21. Better to be realistic. A 2-0 whitewash coming up. Captain fool will settle for nothing less than a whitewash. Thats what he's always aimed for.
  22. Judge his abilities after giving him a run for at least 8-10 away tests, if not more. We picked him, now is the time to back him. But knowing Kohli's captaincy decisions from the past , totally expect some random decision
  23. Raina has a better chance of being in the 2023 WC squad than Yashasvi especially if Captain Marvellous continues to be in charge with Coach Loudmouth as his sidekick
  24. Lanka thrash them, they even lose to BD and Afghanistan but our captain marvellous never ever misses an opportunity to play vs WI and fill his boots
  25. We will soon be at a stage of anyone but Kohli as captain. Except for some fake on field antics, the guy has become arrogant and insecure. With a clueless coach, who is there just to massage captain’s ego, the combo will only further damage our cricket. If the solution is for Pujara as interim captain in Tests, so be it.
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