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  1. Lol. Marxist, LTTE sympathiser, Muslim and now apparently a separatist. What else is remaining? you need to read more and get better at arguing Raki Sawant. RW uncles need a crash course in history it seems.
  2. Uncle- the point is , I can also quote similar verses from Hindu scriptures. Quran or Bible or Veda , I am not foolish enough to analyse some old text written by some madmen and live my life according to that.
  3. lol. RW tactics is just to assume what the other person’s ideology is and attack them, instead of arguing with facts. Marxist, LTTE sympathisers and now apparently I am a Muslim. Lol. You can quote quoran and abuse it as much as you want, I am an atheist so I would enjoy it. But I also have the common sense to understand that I can dig deep into Hindu literature and find the same kind of problematic statements. I consider all Holy Books be it Vedas or Bible or Quoran as same. A bunch of guidelines written by men 1000s of years ago to suit their time, which mankind is fool
  4. Lol man, Marxist and now LTTE eh. I am neither , in fact I am against them and their ideology. atleast the other guy was trying to argue something, but you on the other hand. But yeah I understand, you need to know something to argue. You don’t have that the only weapon you have is name calling
  5. Again, no cherry picking and nothing assumed here. Have laid down facts, and I am the only one doing so. You are just explaining your wet dreams. India is also a modern nation state, and without British colonisation, we would have been a bunch of smaller countries. Every historical record before the britishers point to this fact. Ironically, RW has to thank the Britishers cause without the, India as a concept would have been a pipe dream. I am done with you. Anyone else please.
  6. More proof that travelling does not really improve intelligence. Maybe time to revisit facts 1) No Indian Empire has ruled the entire subcontinent. India was never under one rule 2) No proof in Tamil literature about Bharat, India or Akhanda or whatever. 3) No proof whatsoever in any South Indian literature about a United Hindu population across the country. Bring back facts, or keep languishing in Bigotry and Ignorance.
  7. Take care and if you happen to visit Europe, don’t mistake it as a single country because they all are Christians. In France they speak French , in Germany they speak German and so on. Maybe you can try Akhand Europe there
  8. First and second tamil sangam literature is lost, so not sure about the religions. Archeological evidence in Keezhadi does not have any Religious artificers yet. From the third tamil sangam - Shaivism and Vaishnavism were major religions. But there was no kinship with the rest if India in any literature, again proving my point that language was the unifying factor
  9. Already told I am not a Marxist, but if you insist on it, fine. At least Marx was a real person , not an imaginary character like Krishna.
  10. Nope, none of the sangam era Tamil literature acknowledges the Idea of Bharath. Did they know about other parts of the subcontinent? Sure , a landmass not separated by Sea would obviously have trade routes and travellers but the literature always mentions them like other countries and not part of their kingdom. Konkani people (Konganar), Kannadigas (Karunadar), Odiyas (Kalingar), Bengalis (Bangalar) and northern India (vada Aryar).
  11. Lol, everything shared here in the forum is a personal anecdote, from their POV. Does every Hindu in India want the temple to be built, any data to back this up? The frogs are just croaking from the Madura well aren’t they? Language is obviously a greater unifying force than Religion in South from what I have observed and what the polls indicate. You mean the sheer number quoted as 60000 temples by Hindutva without no data to back it up? There is no official data to compare, your mind just imagines that the scale is huge because the Mughals are “bad”. The
  12. In India , Language unites people more than Religion. A Tamil or Malayalam Hindu would definitely feel closer to a Tamil/Malayalam Christian/Muslim than a UP or Bihar Hindu. Food, Pop culture, Locality etc etc plays a part.
  13. The same point again. If you take a census in Europe, most of them would be Christians. but Is it an uniting factor? Is there any data that before British rule, Indian kingdoms were divided based on religion? We were basically separate countries when the Britishers came here, united by Language more than anything else. Separate small countries with its own cuisine, culture , language and identity
  14. You definitely cannot speak for the all Hindus in the country mate. I am from a small Village in Western TamilNadu and if I ask any Hindu here, their most important site would be the local Karupasamy or Mariamman koil or the Ayyanar koil. Most of the Hindus here won’t even know about Mathura and Krishna. Do not speak for the entire community.
  15. I do feel sad for the Hindutva NRIs. They are writing long articles about Reviving lost Hindutva glory while their son/daughter is probably out there dating a white guy/girl and will later become a complete Western product. Forget about reviving Hindutva, their own Hindu heritage would probably end with them.
  16. almost all European countries follow Christianity, so can they can be considered as a single country? India was never a single country before the British rule, that is a fact.
  17. For you Kashi Mathura, for them it is the mosque. You can’t tell them what is important and what is not. Not sure why you are tagging me as Marxist. Marxism is an economic ideology, atheism is different. But yeah , I don’t expect you to understand these complex words.
  18. I agree with this. Simple vote bank politics. As long as people are gullible like you, naive enough to vote for BJP for Ayodhya and Krishna temples - the government will keep supporting and doing this. Modi will come to the inauguration of Krishna temple in Mathura after demolishing the mosque there. The Ayodhya temple will be ready for the next elections. Petrol will be 200 per litre , gas 2000 , Rs would be 80 against the dollar but lol doesn’t matter cause Jai Sree Ram Bruh I am painfully aware that the demolition of mosques will continue to happen across North India and nothing
  19. What about the beliefs of the Muslims in the area who have been praying in that mosque for over 500 years now? Okay to screw them muzzlims eh? again a simple google search will show you examples, you are just lazy to do so. As I said, Hindu kings have also looted and raided Hindu temples. Kingdoms are like that, wars are fought like that. Keep aside the inferiority complex and victim mentality and pick up some books. “To any man who knows anything about Indian history…the temple of Jaganath [sic] is an old Buddhistic temple. We took this and others over and re-Hinduised
  20. classic victim mentality on display here comparing reservations with rebuilding temples. you need to understand history first before playing the victim card. Destroying the opponents holy sites as part of conquest is a common tactic in all kingdoms. Even before Islamic invaders, Hindu kings have destroyed and looted opponent’s Hindu temples as part of conquest to show their power. A simple google search will give you many examples of this. Even the famous Puri Jagannath temple was allegedly a Buddhist temple before. This is what happens in a country with such a long history. **** h
  21. Lol. Casteism did not magically disappear after 1947. There are anti casteist laws because it is still a menace. Official NCRB site data is almost 50k caste crimes every year. But is Islamic occupation still happening? Are we under attack from Mughals again? How many “Holy sites” are occupied after independence? if you are going to use “whataboutery” and try to twist the argument, at least come up with a decent comparison
  22. Point is no one can claim that they are true Indians. How many can go back and prove who their ancestor was 500 years ago? India is a mixed society, no one can claim they are true Hindus/Muslims/Aryans/Dravidians etc.
  23. India was never a homogeneous society. None of the big empires of the past covered the entire country. The only thing that united us was the freedom struggle. Hypothetically similar scenario would be if Nazi germany somehow had managed to capture entire Europe and ruled for 200 years and then Europe got independence. Will Europe be a single country or stay divided? We are basically a set of smaller countries cellotaped together
  24. You mean the Aryan Invasion? Yup about time
  25. What is the point of forming a democracy and constitution, if we keep bringing up ancient history? 15th August 1947 should be considered as a clean slate. The “India” we know now is formed because of the freedom struggle. A common enemy united us and everyone who fought the Britishers, stayed back in India in partition and worked for the country are Indians. Absolute buffoonery to tag people as Mughals , Arabs, foreigners etc. Who gave you the authority to claim that you are the “True Indian” ?
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