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  1. He should not have been brought back to ODIs. Not worried about him though, he is a stop gap arrangement till Sundar or Jadeja comes back to the side. Will be chucked out after this series. Sundar was unlucky to get covid just before the series. I would prefer Sundar over Jadeja. Can be groomed properly
  2. Considering that we don’t have anything in SENA in this cycle and Ashwin probably is the 1st person to be picked in Indian conditions, I would choose him. Can be a temporary fill like Kumble for 2 years
  3. if the idea is to find a spinner who is a batsman first then it is better to go for options like Sundar, Baba Aparajith etc.
  4. Any reason why Death rate is too high in US? Anything to do with obesity? UK India and Australia seems to be doing better with Omicron
  5. Let’s not worry about this WTC. Our priority in these home conditions should be to find a stable middle order and a replacement for Ashwin/Jadeja. Groom players like Sundar Shreyas for the next SENA tours
  6. Yup not going to engage. I even asked for a ban but apparently free speech is more important to the forum than limiting anti vax BS. Better to just leave it as it is and discuss among ourselves.
  7. another example of vaccine effectiveness
  8. The thread is like comparing Bumrah and Shami in Indian conditions when we have 3 spinners in the side. It just doesn’t matter. If we lose in India we don’t blame the pace attack, but spinners are blamed for SENA loss.
  9. There are numerous articles and data points to prove that vaccines work. If someone is still not sure about vaccines, or worse if they are actively campaigning against vaccines then god save them. I hope their friends and family did not listen to them and got the vaccine.
  10. I don’t think it would have mattered tbh. But yeah this would be the last match in Ashwin’s Sena career. But he is still crucial for our home series.
  11. Thakur has finally closed Hardik Pandya chapter in test cricket. The fake All rounder was with the team for 3 years but the lord has achieved more than him in 3 months. Ashwin’s batting was a flop, bowling was good. Never got a chance to bowl a long spell. Jadeja has pressed ahead of him now in SENA
  12. Dhoni PR aka Tamil CSK fans. They act as if Dhoni is going to settle in TN after retirement and work for the betterment of the state. Dhoni also plays to the sentiment, acts as if TN is his second home. Dhoni Tamil Troll army is cancer to Indian cricket
  13. This Omicron severity is confusing. SA and UK seems to have escaped it. But US seems to be struggling a lot, despite having a decent rate of vaccination. Should see how India would behave, but for now it is better to be safe than sorry.
  14. One more thread analysing a non existent issue instead of focusing on the real one - the missing middle order. Selecting Jadeja over Ashwin or Vice Versa is not a game changer in overseas condition. Ashwin is a better bowler, Jadeja is a better batsman but the difference is not huge. Jadeja could maybe give 10 more runs, Ashwin maybe 1 more wicket. I have never felt that choosing one over the other could change the match decisively in Overseas condition.
  15. not sure why the same logic was not applied for Murali Vijay, arguably our best opener in the last decade.
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