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  1. 2017 CT hands down. We were beaten by a weaker team. All others were fair competition.
  2. Ashwin did pretty well with a weak team, would have been interesting to see what he could have done with a full strength team
  3. And give him the money too? why should he miss out
  4. Hardik's greatest enemy is zen. Even people who start to like him will be like " nah I hate Hardik" after seeing your threads. FFS man give it a rest
  5. Yo-yo is more for ground fielding, but I get your point. Never seen players like Ashwin, Sehwag, Laxman dropping catches, they were not great athletes but does it matter
  6. Just scrap ODIs. It is going to happen eventually.
  7. The ideal order would be Gill, Rohit, Kohli, Pant, SKY, Hardik, Jadeja Having both Dhawan and Rohit as openers is a liability. Both take their time and even if they finish with 100SR scoring 70 or 80, it is not going to help us. Rohit and Kohli can play the anchor role . Others should attack.
  8. Lol Pandya is leading and all cause of one man @zen. If you want Pandya to be liked then stop taking about him man, you are doing more harm than good
  9. Let's not appoint a heir now please. This is exactly what happened when Dhoni was the captain, everyone assumed that Kohli would be the next and the media hyped it up. Rahane , Ashwin for tests, Rohit for white ball were potential contenders but I am not sure if it was even discussed. Kohli becoming the captain was so natural that nobody argued. I don't want that to repeat. Yes we can have some potential candidates - Pant, Rahul, Sundar,Bumrah etc but let's keep it open and decide when the time comes
  10. No. He should not be anywhere near the test team
  11. As I have said multiple times, Virat is too good a batsman to be out of form for a long time. He will start scoring runs soon , he is just rusty. Yes he is a bad captain, I can understand if fans want him to be sacked from captaincy but People asking Kohli to be dropped are just emotional idiots tbh. It is just Anti RCB hate, mixing his personal life and hating his general attitude. Maybe also some jealousy mixed in with the no of comments I can see on the money he is making and the his advertisment contracts.
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