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  1. White ball or red ball thakur can change the match in an over
  2. Way outside off and not bringing the ball in yet. Giving me Stuart binny vibes
  3. India's answer to Anderson - Thakurji's first over was pretty ordinary
  4. Not about dropping a seamer, Ashwin should have played instead of Jaddu. This was a decision to ease the pressure on out of form batsmen like Che and Kohli.
  5. Mostly to do with the poor form of che Rahane and Kohli. If the batting is good, Ashwin could have replaced Jaddu.
  6. Harsh on Ashwin who was our best bowler in WTC final. Hope jadeja contributes with the bat
  7. Ashwin look liked the only bowler who can get us wickets in the WTC final. He is at a stage in his career where he can take take the pitch out of the equation. He should be the first name on the list IMO.
  8. Outside off stump has never worked for Ashwin. His strength to RHB is middle leg bringing LBW and leg slip. Let him use that , should not try something new. 3 wickets in 2nd innings till now.
  9. Ok When did I say that. Criticism is fine. Go see my posts I would have criticised kohli a lot..I am talking about hate. Too much hate that ppl are okay with India losing as long as kohli does not perform.
  10. All these are valid points and you can criticize him. Criticism is okay, but don't know why it needs to be hate.
  11. Not supporting a player representing your country because you believe in conspiracy theories about social media bots like old aunties. Confirms that you don't really care if India wins or not. Carry on
  12. As I said, his test form is a worry. So is the form of Rahane, gill, pujara, and Rohit..Do you hate everyone then? Why is it just kohli?
  13. Supporting a player who would most probably end up as the GOAT is considered as 'bot behaviour" . Only in ICF
  14. Lucky.. lol. Ganguly arguably had the best top 5 of all time in his team, Dhoni pretty much had the same bowling attack except Bumrah. But sure keep peddling that kohli is lucky. You keep talking about Anushka , that she is not beautiful, mediocre actress, has social media bots etc but still maintain you "don't gone a flying fk about her" Seems you have a wierd attraction towards her, borderline obsession and just pretends to hate her to hide your jealousy. Or maybe you understand the fact that you would never get a girl like that in your life and you will always be a key
  15. He averages more than 40 in white ball cricket in the last 2 years. Test cricket form is a worry , but not to the level of "hating" him because of it. He still played some good innings ( including the WTC first innings). BTW none of our players except Pant is in good form so if you need to hate someone for not scoring runs then you need to hate the whole test team. His win percentage is still more than Dhoni and Ganguly in tests. Not sure where you get this motivation thing , maybe from media gossip. Social media bot fans LOL. Where do you get these stuff. Cringe. The
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