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  1. this team deserves no support after the way they have performed like headless chicken this tour
  2. not under the king moron and his reactive captaincy tactics
  3. when kuldeep looses his radar he looses it completely,no middle ground with him,really dissapointing
  4. halwa bowler this thakur...i have no idea why we play him for his unproven batting skills that too ahead of someone like saini,who can bowl accurate 150 k deliveries with ease. Frustrating...so damn frustrating
  5. kuldeep has been too expensive for my liking in the last few matches.
  6. as usual jadeja proving a useless bowler in odis,is kohli ko samajne me ye cheez kitne saal lagenge
  7. oh wow brat doing what he does best . shardul now ahead of saini even in odis,fk offf. i am done with this moron's selection mishaps. we are not winning any wcs under this pathetic peabrain of a captain.
  8. thats just stupid if he is injured to play him. But if his hamstring was gone completely ,no way he could have bowled.
  9. trundlers,highest i saw was amir with 136. Thier Last batch was better
  10. tyagi has looked slightly slower today. A great prospect this kid
  11. he is a soft run maker like amla ,hardly ever impactful but always among the runs,in a batting deprived nation like Pakistan,no wonder he has become a big deal,he is probably their first proper batsman in over a decade.
  12. seems like rahul can anything now,you just name it and it ll be done
  13. he bowled quite a few 140 deliveries,even today highest i saw was 142,nonetheless still a useless bowler
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