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  1. Being from Jammu ,thats relatable. Jammu has gotten the worst deal possible ,despite doing the heavy lifting since independence keeping JK in check. Centre loves appeasing the unappeasable in kashmir ,you will often hear Kashmir being the synonym for jk in parliament. Tbh J&K was better managed under maharaja ,and thats a widespread feeling here. Nehru and his appeasement ruined it and now even this Govt is continuing it to an extent.Habits i guess. //oftopic
  2. It was pretty clear what the problem we had in our batting,on the very day we suffered 36 ao in Australia If there is a early wicket ,the middle order of kohli ,rahane and pujara is now utterly incapable of making runs ,but we let the win slide the apparent issues.
  3. Ab ye rahane aur kohli itni overconfident ho gaye hain ki match bhi ni khelenge. what makes them so confident ,that thier spot in the X1 is so unshakable especially after perfomances in last few months?? ghar ki team hai inki ye??
  4. who cares what this misogynist regressive idiot has to say. A disgusting petty man.
  5. This wont go well. The way cases have risen all over the country ,this would have been always a challange,now it is almost impossible. Thyr should have staged the matches in some smaller venues instead of Metros,i fail to see why mumbai and chennai were choosen.
  6. Lag isnt the only factor . lag or not ,no vaccine can keep you from getting infected , especially respiratory diseases have seriously bad record as far as vaccine efficacy goes. He might not get severely ill ,but that about the best you can hope for. This is the first time any vaccine has been developed in such a short time, and for that any bit of adequate antibody production and hence protection would be considered success.
  7. why the hell would they choose maharashtra of all places to start IPL. No bubble is gonna work with the amount of cases in Mumbai right now. Just a month most idiots outside were jumping around without masks ,like everything was over. Idiots who didnt wear mask ,last two months are the main reason we have a mess now . Seriously how difficult is it to wear a mask ?
  8. Point me to where i have mentioned bumrah and shami in my post. You are reading things you want to , read the posts instead. Its all in your head. And no bar bhuvi and few spells from prasidh , and some bursts from shardul ,a lot of bowling was very very inconsistent and hittable. Less said about spin the better. Consistency is the key and bhuvi has proven that no matter how "devastating" the batsmen ,you can stick to a line and do it. So no ,i do not accept your proposition that this is the best we can do .
  9. I don't think there was much dew ,also we didn't have any spinners . Even so how many times does a no.8/9 nearly get a 100?? Not many,infact i am pretty sure this is the first time. There was some bad hitme bowling in there ,i would have had no problem in loosing tbh ,as long as we keep giving new bowlers chances and get to see whats what.So this was a +ve in that regard. We definitely do need better spinners though.
  10. Good for you ,if you want to play at the opposition's level. This match shouldn't have gotten this close,there was some real bad bowling in there ,bar bhuvi. Most other bowlers were consistently inconsistent.
  11. what??? where did shami come in from?? He isnt even playing. are you sure you are ok??
  12. well tough luck. Wouldn't be fare if we win this,tbh didnt deserve to win the first one either. we were again 30 short.
  13. kya ghatiya match hai yaar. The most innocuous bowling. Only ishant in his worst days could have managed this.
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