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  1. I was bit young in 2005,but from what i have watched Cummins is the best bowler i have seen. The effort and the absolute ruthlessness he goes about with is incomparable. He is McGrath with the bite of peak Brett lee or Akhtar, that's an incredible combination. Love his bowling.
  2. Its clear now. Cummins is actually Clark kent. there is no other explanation.
  3. india would have won 3-0 if not for that freak 36 ao. this has been a series dominated. And without 6 established starting 11 players. Congratulations to all the brothers in ICF. now party time
  4. more than run a ball. maybe a bit too much,should have just played normally for singles and doubles
  5. dont worry we are not loosing . either a india win or draw. You can chill
  6. one big over and this match will be over for Australia.
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