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Living in the shadow of limelight

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Ever wondered how it feels to carry hopes of over a billion people on your shoulders, every time you walk into the field? Ever wondered how it feels to breathe free amidst the loud echoes enchanting your name? Ever wondered how it feels to stay away from the limelight in personal life, despite being in the spotlight for larger part of the professional life? Ever wondered how it feels to be simple, humble and down to earth, even though the world worships you as God of the game. Ever wondered how difficult it is to stay grounded when you are gifted with the most beautiful and surreal pair of wings. Ever wondered how difficult it is to be Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, despite being peoples' "Tendlya".


Sachin Farewell speech(16.11.13)

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Good post Gaurav and welcome back.



3 minutes ago, Trichromatic said:


That speech moved many people. Some of my friends even cried. One of the biggest moment in history of cricket.

Sachin’s speech was class and I will leave it at that. It did not make me cry at all but it did play on my mind for the next few days regularly. Your friends shouldn’t cry. No one died. Its just a speach which was class.  



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