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AAP Comedy Time

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9 hours ago, coffee_rules said:

Operation Kamal has been done in states with close elections and when BJP feels betrayed by pre-poll alliances. BJP offering Sisodia  and AAP MLAs money to switch is pure comedy. They will have to switch what like 40 MLAs ! Nautanki hain sab.


Now this one, the guy who AAP claimed as a physiotherapist turned out to be a Rinky, a child rapist booked under POSCO



AAP supporters are the biggest andhbhakts i have seen. No matter what happens Kejriwal is right. No wonder Delhiites are choking and the Yamuna is choked. I guess all is warranted in the process of turning Delhi into Singapore or London. I wonder how many more decades AAP supporters will kowtow to Kejriwal s lies

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3 hours ago, bharathh said:

AAP education model :hysterical:. I wonder if NYT will do a balanced article on this. What an achievement. Crusaders against corruption to most corrupt in just 9 years. Must be some sort of record in politics. 


Delhiites are the biggest cucks in the world.



Ok Now I realize why NYT is the epitome of free journalism and journalistic excellence!!

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