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Quit International Cricket: IPL Franchises Offer 6 English Players With Multi-Million Pound Deal


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4 hours ago, Tillu said:

Loving this. Now that the tables have turned let's see how England responds with respect to the poaching of their players by the IPL teams.

 Test cricket's end has started. Although english and Aus fans cant digest that brown men are dictating their sport


We as cricket fans have to decide which direction cricket goes- as a test match lover myself I don't see India and BCCI being serious about developing Test match level players as Eng and Aus are as IPL and T20 is its priority. And one format cannot survive with 2 countries playing the sport.


If Boards still want test matches have the Ashes played once every couple of years or India Vs Aus/India Vs Eng again once a couple of years *( 3 match series) Rest of the time  will be only spent T20 leagues and every 4 years have a T20 WC thats it. Make one format professional and the others exhibition series here and there.

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