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Why is Ruturaj rated so highly?


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2 hours ago, singhvivek141 said:

Bhai, one humble request. Please don't use "greatest" word even in sarcastic manner, our team is no way greatest and best in the world.


Likes of Jaiswal, Gill, Tilak, Rinku are good players and has high potential. But having potential is one thing & developing into something useful is another, which these players are still some years behind.

Bhai frustration to nikal sakte hai na? Ye saare bilaterals Jeet jaate hai..league games v Jeet jaate hai aur knockouts me pata nahi ye condition on wrong side ka Rona dhona ekdum se aa jaata..


Ab obvious hai in naam ka greatest bol Raha hu toh seriously koi nahi lega.

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23 hours ago, maniac said:

Will be bumped often looks like


He will be a back up opener by the looks of it. But if he scores another 100 he could be in the playing XI batting at 3. Too bad they did not consider any SMAT stats seriously. Abhishek is worth trying as an all rounder who can be used as a floater.

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49 minutes ago, vvvslaxman said:

He is way more leve headed than some of the other guys. He calculates very well. He cannot be bullied by short ball or turning track. Adept against both scenarios. 

he may have a level head, but he lacks the talent

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58 minutes ago, vvvslaxman said:


But he is not meek. He never looked timid like Kela. Also handling captaincy much better. 

he is not int'l caliber in terms of talent. kela is not int'l caliber in terms of temperament. neither is desirable

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From wherever I’ve seen of him, he can play some decent knocks but looks suspect in pressure situations. Unreliable and projects weakness/submissiveness. Hopefully I’m proven wrong and he shows some confidence/aggressiveness in his approach.

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