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ICF Premier League (Fantasy) 2016

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5 hours ago, sourab10forever said:

Guys any new guys can still join. Hardly 350 points to cover. Can be easily covered in a long tourney. The details to join are staed above. Please join before the start of KKR vs DD match.

Which one? If IPL one state here. And start counting points from game 2. If Fandromedia it's fine with me.

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Official : fandromeda.



Fantasy hub is at 600 because if I keep it more than you ever would win this, would inevitably become the champion. I know that 60 matches deserves more but in the end, someone has to win and that someone will have a huge advantage. Also only limited guys playing this  time.

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In case you haven't created team on this new website, please do so and then join. Details in OP. You can easily catch up because most of us did not get off to a good start.

OK bleed blue is already there.

@Scarfaceyou playing?

Who is lightning 989 or whatever?

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18 hours ago, Sidhoni said:


@Straight Drive @Sid_SuhaiL @Sidhoni

Kya yaar khelo Na ...create a team.

Especially @Sid_SuhaiL the lead you got in the last 3 comps will be of no use if you don't catch this big fish. No fun playing without table toppers participating.

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