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Harsh Thakor

Greatest innings ever by a West Indies batsman

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This is my list of the best innings by a West Indian batsman in test cricket in my order of merit.I have also taken into account the situation the batsman faced.and not only made my assesment on the basis of technique and artistry.I have included the Packer world series supertests. and the matches played for Rest of the World in 1972.I have not included one day Internationals. 1.Brian Lara's 153.not versus Australia at Barbados in 1999. Swung a game on a broken wicket taking his team from 104-5 to 308-9.Batted with the skill of a surgeon performing a succesful operation on a patient considered incurable.The best innings ever in a 4th innings run chase. 2.Gary Sober's 254 v.Australia at Melbourne for Rest of the World in 1972 Made the impact of a bomber raiding an airbase in most difficult conditions.Looked like famous military counter attack.One of batting s greatest exhibitions. 3.Gordon Greenidge's 214 n.o at Lords in 1984 One of the most breathtaking and audacious exhibitions of strokeplay ever witnessed in a 4th innings run chase or in any test match.Played every stroke in the book with the regality of an emperor to win his team a match chasing a target of 342 with 9 over to spare. 4.Viv Richards 291 at the Oval in 1976 threatened to break Gary Sober's then record score of 365.Indescribable domination of bowling like an emperor commanding his knights. 5..Brian Lara's 277 at Sydney in 1992-93 Dominated the bowling on front and backfoot with artistry never seen before in Australia. 6.Viv Richard's 177 v.Australia for world 11 in supertest in 1977-78 in Australia Tore the attack like a tiger tearing flesh.The bowlers looked like wounded tigers. 7.George Headley's 270 n.o.v.England at Kingston in 1934-35 The best innings ever in a crisis coming in at 1-5.Incomparable master of the situation and conditions. 8.Rohan Kanhai's 115 for rest of the world at Perth in 1972 Combated the likes of Lillee on the fastest of tracks with the skill of a surgeon.After being hit on the chest displayed his great prowess against pace with an exhibition of counter -attacking strokeplay rarely witnessed.Combined artistry with great technical ability. 9.Brian Lara's 400 at Antigua in 2004 Batted like a marathon runner and made comeback like Muhammad Ali to regain world record score.Inspite of the long duration never sacrificed artistry. 10.Roy Frederick's 169 at Perth in 1975-76 Tore Lillee and Thomson with the authority of an executioner beheading a convict on the fast set of wickets at Perth.Arguably the best assault on the greatest pace bowling duo of all time. 11.Lawrence Rowe's 302 at Barbados v.England in 1973-74 Batted with great technical precision and concentration to score a classic. 12.Frank Worrel's 261 at Trent Bridge in 1950 Batted with the artistry of aviolinist in classical exhibition of strokeplay. 13.Gary Sober's 132 in the tied test at Brisbane in 1960-61 Brilliantly dissected the field with skill rarely displayed. 14.Brian Lara's 375 at Antigua in 1994 Broke Sober's world record with the authority of an emperor and the stamina of a great marathon runner 15.Gary Sober's 365 n.o at Kingston v.Pakistan in 1957-58 Classical mastery with phenomenal concentration for 612 mins. 16.Brian Lara's 213 at Kingston in 1999 A masterly double hundred that turned the fate of the match and the series. 17.Viv Richard's 76 and 74 at Adelaide in 1979-80 Displayed mastery over pace bowling on a most difficult track,rarely seen before down under. 18.Everton Weekes 90 at Lords in 1957 Almost,the perfect test innings technically.The closest to Bradman. 19.Alvin Kalicharan's 124 at Bangalore in 1974-75 Mastery on a turning track rarely ever seen. 20.Clive Lloyd's 242 n.o at Mumbai in 1974-75 destroyed a great spin quartet with classical timing and power.

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Chanders 69 ball ton would have to be there, also that 3rd Lara ton in 1999 was awesome, hammered the daylights out of us. Would say Viv's 140 in 1979 should be in there, just brutal.

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