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  1. They should have given Varun another over to bowl. No reason to take him out of attack after taking 2 wickets in an over
  2. I do not think Jadhav ever performed consistently in IPL also whereas SKY has been a consistent top performer for last 3 seasons
  3. Pathan only hit 1 four against Steyn in that Final ODI. He destroyed Morkel in that final ODI
  4. Will rohit even have enough practice before 3rd test match? if he is in isolation then when will he practice and before this he was in 14 day quarantine, so I really doubt that he will be match fit. It brings memory of 2011 england tour, when India rushed Sehwag to be part of 3rd test match and he got duck in both innings.
  5. I think criticism was fair (apart from name calling) but he has lead from the front and played beautifully in this test match. Hope he becomes more consistent
  6. As per BCCI, chief selector will be the one who has played more number of international games, so out of 5 selectors Chetan Sharma has played most number of games so that is why he has become the chief selector
  7. Like others have said there is no accountability. They will just say that it was 1 bad session like they said during WC semi final loss, that it was just 30 minutes where we did not play well. Neither any person from Indian media will call them out
  8. This is our consecutive third test match which we have lost in 2 and a half days. Disappointing
  9. They are very biased towards certain players however sometimes they are the only ones from media circle who criticize the current management. Recently in some episodes they mentioned that whenever the place of Mumbai players comes up for discussion, Ex cricketer's from Mumbai start writing sports columns saying that particular players needs to be backed and past performance does not matter.
  10. Absolutely love the sound of ball meeting bat, when he was hitting those shots
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