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  1. the main streak of 7-0 still is in place.... How ever Pakistan can be relieved of the fact that they could finally get rid of at least the lesser streak of the 2 and there by the over all streak.
  2. be happy that such a streak of 12 matches was created in the first place. Again be happy that there is still great chance for extending the longer streak of the 2(7:5 in ODIS:T20s) that too in the by far important format between the 2. Sooner or later these streaks would have got broken even by the law of averages. So , not at all disappointed that the lesser important streak and there by the over all streak has been over. But the only major disappointment is this 'thrashing' .
  3. streak would not have gone on for ever any way .... So nothing much to worry .... Team should try hard to win the cup ....
  4. thought of him earlier as one of the few players from that country to have some sense. Now he too has been proven wrong...
  5. Even with out 'ball tampering' factor, 'Imran by far the better player in tests' is wrong. Because the contexts they played in were soooo different. In bowling longevity, work load, support bowling strength all had their effects on Kapil's end average of 29.64. because of these factors I consider Kapil a 26.25-26.75 average range bowler when compared to Imran . In batting, Imran's end average is highly inflated by huge no: of not outs.On a parallel note , I can never take Jadeja's average as such because of the same factor. I would put maximum value of only 35.5 for Imran
  6. If this is right , Kohli rightly deserved this. It has been him who kept on playing these 2 proven inadequacies in each and every match with out testing other deserving candidates enough even in lesser important matches.Only a poetic justice that these 2 of all players would come against him
  7. This record has a lot to do with a few other factors other than the 'difference in team strength if any'. 1. Major factor of ball tampering . Kaptaan saheb himself led from the front in this regard. 2. A fair share of these matches under concern were played in Sharjah where Pakistan in general seemed to perform better 3. Biased Pakistani umpires played their roles. The first factor itself made almost all the difference .Others were negligible
  8. bring in Ashwin for Rahane .That's the only change needed
  9. He has been just riding on the performances of others for a while now, And his own performances has been below par for a while now ....Yet he is such shameless to involve in these sort of antics that too towards opposition fans let alone players,,, such a disgrace to the position of 'captaincy' .
  10. rahane should not play the last test for sure. After that both pujara & rahane should be dropped or at the least gradually phased out
  11. self proclaimed important person in the country doing important things for a while now. Now hope he does the most important thing for the fans and get rid of himself for ever from the team...
  12. just made a useful contribution .That's all . He should have scored at least 85-90 runs. Again kudos to even his 61 because of playing to his full potential.
  13. 23.33 - Ajinkya Rahane's batting average in Test cricket against England. It is the second-poorest average among players to bat in the top six for 20 or more Tests against a single opponent. Alec Bannerman had scored 1108 runs at an average of only 23.08 against England in 50 innings spread across 28 Tests between 1879 and 1893. This data reveals as to how incompetent the TM has been when it comes to selection criterias. Such mediocrity has been tolerated for such a long time. Dozens of promising young batsmen waiting for their chances in domestic and yet this 'midget i
  14. just kick him out at the earliest with out inflicting further damages to team fortunes..
  15. the ex players not 'calling ' spade a spade ' for what ever reasons has been the curse of team performances for a while
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