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  1. what better to expect from this oppertunist hypocrite bloody liar chronic ball tampering cheater? Once in a blue moon his sincere thoughts sprouts out due to slip of tongue and that clearly reveals his true mentality to the entire world.
  2. any player, how ever great he was/is has a right to have his own opinion and thus have his own choice of players. So why we fans get bothered by that? Similarly fans too have every right to disagree with their lists.
  3. My list criteria: a. batting is the most difficult b. all rounders gets more weightage c. fair play 1. Sachin 2. Kapil 3. Kohli 4. Miandad 5. Gavaskar 6. Imran 7. Sangakkara 8. Dravid 9. Sehwag 10. Dhoni 11. Murali 12. Wasim
  4. RIP to all our brave soldiers who fought and became martyrs defending our nation against the nasty immoral dragons of china. All our moral support are with you...Deepest condolences to the family members....
  5. yet another fraud oppertunist congress politician ... Tharoor is none other than that
  6. exactly.... when will the ordinary Hindus realize this danger to their peaceful existence? Leave aside political leaders & other oppertunists, because for them it is a matter of their careers to twist truths and mislead people.. but ordinary people?? ... it is in their hands to deceide their own destiny...
  7. poor unfortunate man ...... the only solution against these terrorist bastards is 'ruthless demolition' and nothing else.
  8. the OP seems too generous here. Mate.... it need not for sure be 80% of the muslims.... a mere 30% of them will do. If they are 30%, with in a few years they will keep on multiplying at an alarming rate and then would start to make the life of Hindus hellish.
  9. Bradman...simply because he overshadowed his peers by almost 'their own performances' . This towers all the other factors that are in Sachin's favour.i Another legend who is better to Sachin is Viv Richards. Sachin has been superior to all the others.
  10. Hope Modi would be ruthlessly dealing with the poisonous snakes of these sort 'in the background' in Kashmir . Such shameless creatures crying about 'oppression' in Kashmir while the reality has been that Kashmiri muslims who formed almost a mere 0.44% of the total population of the country have been given mammoth privileges compared to the rest of the population for a whopping 72 years.And these are things these creatures commit on their minority Hindus in their hell hole of a nation
  11. chronic ball tamperors can still be candidates for that title for pakistanis but not for 'rest of the world' fans who value honesty,integrity.morality etc etc.
  12. it seems that PM kaptaan saheb's 'expertise' is getting more & more revealed by the day and even to those who do not know a thing about the game. Here is one instance @8.32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KvKODoKLlY
  13. not only that their ' level of performance' & hence their 'level of greatness' also should only be evaluated based on these factors.
  14. Still test is the ultimate form of cricket if played in sporting wickets. Makes a spectacular enjoyment. But the important point is as to how followers of tests manage their other constructive routine actions . Highlights are there, LIVE telecasts are there which can be effectively enjoyed . To claim that some 50 days on the average (MAX time for 10 tests) in a year affects other activities in life is a lame excuse. I still enjoy tests . Infact hate T20 like any thing and that thrash IPL , the lesser said the better
  15. agreed that Kapil's stats were bad in the period you said but the more important thing is w.r.t what conclusion to derive. As I indicated I does not read too much into Kapil's stats in his last 2 years because it was a slump just as that of Sachin in his last 2 years in tests. Till that period Kapil's stats were as follows. from start to 25 March 92 - 172inns 35NO 3486runs 25.44avg: 97.42str: //period before slump started first 151 inns data - 151inns 29NO 3157runs 25.87 99.90str: //same no: of inns: as that of Imran from 21dec1980 to 15dec91- 151inns 31NO 3186runs 26.55 98.76str: //peak 151 inns data I consider the above set of datas as superior to even that of Imran's entire career stats. Naturally , for some reason or the other, if Imran was superior to Kapil from 1988 onwards, Kapil was even more superior to Imran in the period till 1988 Jan 1st. Based on these stats Kapil was the better ODI batsman to Imran, let alone the other 2. Again let us agree to disagree w.r.t the final conclusion of mine and the reasons for it
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