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  1. such cheap mentality..... but .... not surprising .
  2. no comparison .... I had always maintained that it is not at all easy to maintain prolonged consistency. That is were Sachin was in a league of his own.. To have a phase of 13588 runs with an avg: of 59.41 and away avg: of almost 62 that too with a least avg: of 44.67 in any single country is some thing phenomenal . Kohli is literally no where near SRT . He is struggling to maintain a 50 average even at 8000 run milestone. Imagine his average if he lasted 13588 runs!!!!!!
  3. knee jerk reaction ......he needs to do lot more to claim that title from Virat , who as of now holds that title. His record is way too skewed towards 'home domination'. An abroad average of 37 with a lone 100+ under lines this fact. Having said that his 196 has been a great knock given the adverse match situation.
  4. better sense prevails at last...... now he needs to concentrate fully on his batting ... such high calibre batsman to be an ATG..... 2 to 3 good years left ....don't spoil it by captaincy overload....
  5. chepu seems to be the worst Indian batsman to have played atleast 48 inns in SENAW. Even Sastri who played only 48 inns averaged 33.5 . And this shameless leech was allowed to play 82 inns for averaging a mere 32. That tells a lot about the fortunes India had in SENAW in the past 12 years.
  6. this self absorbed clown need not prove any thing to any one ...But it is up to the Ganguly/Dravid duo to prove to the entire Indian cricket followers that they indeed are 100% committed to their jobs. The first step for that is to show this idiot his real place...
  7. the sad reality is that this is not the time for drastic changes. when it comes to batting... But still pujara needs to be dropped if any. 'One down is such a vital position and this leech is taking off all the momentum of the team inns again and again . Have a try with Hanuma Vihari who too is grafter and have some experience in SAF. So Kohli in for pujara with Vihari at one down.
  8. not at all surprising to see the lowest average of them all .Only surprise is that this useless hack is still playing for India which boasts of the largest talent pool by far
  9. At last ..... BCCI making sense for the sake of both the team and Kohli himself....
  10. lot more names can be added Dileep Vengsarkar Raman Lamba Ajay Sharma Hrishikesh Kanitkar
  11. feels so sad for that unfortunate man ... what a terrific fate!!!!!! Again ..... can any body in the right sense go for a living in this **** hole full of chronic mental patients????
  12. Hats off to Dodda Ganesh for calling spade a spade.... Not only Ganesh , every fan has the right to criticize non performers who undeservingly earn millions... Hope more and more former cricketers open their mouths against the 2 shameless leeches...
  13. surprising surprising question ....... both senior parasites occupying the TOP/MIDDLE ORDER of which the 'Gujju waste' holds the most vital ONE DOWN. Then asking the question as to why the team did'nt win!!!!!!!
  14. Sick of seeing this 2 leeches still at the crease .... needs to kicked out ASAP. Hope both of them won't play the next test.
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