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  1. Kapil dev was world cup winning captain & by far the best ODI allrounder of the 80s. Even in tests he was more or less in similar class to Imran when the contexts they played in are taken into account. Add 'ball tampering' into the mix Imran doesn't hold a chance against Kapil as an 'over all all rounder' let alone ODI all rounder. Anwar > Sachin !!!!!!! only deluded Pakistanis will claim like that
  2. Dhoni won a WC captaining the team. His WK brilliance adds to his credentials for the spot. No doubt he too could have been a candiadate.
  3. yes .... Ponting deserved it more for sure... His 2003 WC final knock alone deserves lots of weight. Again Akram too deserved a spot with added exploits of 1992 WC final from a pure performance POV . But with 'ball tampering' factor into play it is justifiable that Sachin gets that spot.
  4. https://wisden.com/stories/wisden-almanack-2021/virat-kohli-named-wisden-almanacks-odi-cricketer-of-the-2010s 1970 Viv Richards 1980 Kapil Dev 1990 Sachin Tendulkar 2000 Murali 2010 Kohli All deserving candidates except perhaps Murali. Nice to see 3 Indians in the list. Wouldn't have complained a bit if Dhoni's name was found instead of Kohli's. Heartened to see the name of legendary Kapil . King Viv is a no surprise.
  5. Saw this coming long before.... Even started a thread w.r.t this. Now this is getting more and more evident. His record starting from 19 Oct 2019... https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/253802.html?class=11;spanmax1=30+Mar+2021;spanmin1=19+oct+2019;spanval1=span;template=results;type=batting Not even a single 100+ against Non minnow....Sucking in the 2 main formats... Remove that 136 vs minnow BAN ....then a total of 949 runs in 29 inns @32.72 avg: in the 2 main formats ..... What a mediocre performance... Then he has the audacity to drop
  6. Mr: bottle capper ..... the name fits this shameless cheater very well..
  7. Individuals involve in deals only with those who have good relations with them not with backstabber evil minded traitors who wait for oppertunities to destroy them. So is the case with nations too. Pakistan is a traitor nation . Never have any relations with them. Again.... it would be huge injustice to our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the safety of our nation because of these traitors.
  8. where was his batting in the test series ? Now he is at it again in t20 bilaterals...
  9. retire from captaincy and concentrate on batting is the way for him
  10. what has been there to plot against a stroke less batsman with slow & ageing reflexes?
  11. he should be phased out at the earliest ..... as if there are no other talented rookies in the country,,,
  12. also it will adds to a batsman's confidence to come back from bad phases being aware that he has scored that much 100s till date.
  13. the thing is that the trio has been inadequate as a group for a while now due to various reasons... Now, with WTC final in hindsight , there is no other way other than relying on them.
  14. such a timely sensible meaningful letter. but more important is as to how to make that dumb ass 'be well informed' about the contents of this letter...
  15. Pant, Sundar & Patel shows what is all wrong with this batting line up... All are left handers and they played freely. Axar too made 43 and didn't give his wkt to any bowler...
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