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  1. To be honest two different openers , one all more about technique and other trying to dominate bowlers I never judge players from different countries , this GOAT doesn't interest me , I judge on what they did for their own country , what influence with the team , match winning performances and both were hugely influential for India and England and great players for them too . I did say Gooch was best opener for England and Sunil is best opener for India I have seen anymore than than that I will leave to the ICF " experts "
  2. Gooch was two different players .watched him get a pair on his debut and looked totally out of his depth early international career . He went away to county cricket and developed a whole new technique which was the making of him . He was the first captain to try and introduce a fitness regime and made him a very unpopular captain to guys such as Botham, Gower, Lamb etc . Best England opener I have seen , where he would influence a game with his batting , Boycott just batted and if he influenced the game it was more by luck than judgement
  3. Well done Harshal Patel !! Great performance . Really happy for him ! One of the nicest young Indian guys I have had the pleasure to meet ,
  4. Pant is 10 times the WK/ Bat Engineer was . Infact Engineer wasn't best of his generation Budhi Kunderan was but his face didn't fit and refused to be picked for India
  5. Very much a like , both are right handers .
  6. When you have watched every single ball of Sunil Gavaskar scoring 36* in 60 overs in a World Cup then you can moan . Just thank your lucky stars that you can witness such dynamic cricketers today , very good teams win a lot more than they lose and sometimes you hold your hands up and say the better team on the day won . Get over it and look forward to a cracker of last ODI .
  7. South Africa Cricket Union which meant the Government . Viv Richards as the World star at the time was offered a lot more than Clive Lloyd but wanted absolutely no part of it
  8. It affected a lot more than people realise.. Alvin Kallicharran's brother left our team here in Scotland to go to New York to live and play because the Guyana government put him on blacklist because Alvin went on rebel tour and he could not return home after playing our summer .
  9. I think you are rather confused the I in ICF stands for Indian not Intelligent
  10. The truth is once in South Africa he saw an English film , that means automatic citizenship lol
  11. I am a neutral because everyone knows we Scottish just love the English lol
  12. Those English players didn't play that way either until it was decided the philosophy of the team going forward 6 years ago .Mo Ali was/ is a proper bat , that's what he started out as and by accident became a very reluctant first choice spinner , His batting suffers because of his lack of confidence on a cricket field because of his bowling . When he performs well with the ball he looks different better . Is he an Ashwin ? Noooooo but he fits into the English side and gives it balance
  13. Not a lot , in ability and resources India are on another planet BUT what is different is mind set . India sets targets 10, 20 , 30 overs and plays the majority of time batting first to them ..England's only thinking is can I hit this for 6 or 4 maybe not this one so we will settle for a two . It's the difference of positive mental thinking and no fear of failure against a conservative mindset ....India changes its mindset then they should be WC winners . They need to take power plays as is played in IPL into ODI . Who I should pick is Rohit but it's all about waking the walk and not talking
  14. If you and others and I include Indian TM can not see that ODI has been changing and will continue to change by International teams then that's not hacks like Livingstone fault . In 5 years time no decent International captain will stand and say 300 was a good score and extra 36 was a bonus for us
  15. What is this facination that you and a few others have with this word HACK ? Why are you as an Indian worried if an England player is a " hack" or can he do this or that ? Ask YCCC and as an Englishman I am pretty sure he is delighted with Livingston
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