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  1. Very similar players , both small left handers , liked pulling and cutting but Alvin K was a much better all round batsman .
  2. Roy Fredericks was great to watch as well ..The most iconic hit wicket in cricket
  3. What's your opinion of Rahul Dravid , Lalchand Rajput and Budhi Kunderan all three who had played test cricket for India playing for Scotland ?
  4. Being Captain or playing for England ?
  5. What people on here are not doing or can't do is take it in the perspective as a batsman . Batsmen would have fear in them , not physical fear but fear in knowing McGrath was going to test their ability as a batsmen more than anyone else because he attacked most batsmen vulnerable areas . A defensive back of a length bowler posed very very few problems to half decent players
  6. No batsmen ever who faced McGrath would say he bowled defensively. He was an attacking bowler who attacked in three ways . 1) he attacked top of off stump 2) he attacked the outside edge 3) he attacked a batsman's mind by bowling in what they call " corridor of uncertainty" and got them thinking forward or back , leave or play
  7. Great white ball player because he is captain .He thrives on the responsibility and leads in every way from the front .
  8. My mate Derrick Kallicharan when he left Scotland could not go home to Guyana because his brother Alvin had gone to SA . He played in New York instead
  9. You need to take a trip around India and see how players are being coached by out of date coaches . Obvious one day and T20 young lads are all coached the same way as a 3/4/5 day player . India should be so far Infront of other countries in all formats because of numbers but until they join the dots up between the three formats it will not happen .
  10. I am so pleased about that I would hate to be in the majority ..make my day and tell me I am a minority of one Such a shame 90% of indian kids are still being coached to play test match style when much more opportunities are available ODI and T20 .
  11. 1) i don't recognize odi , T20 as real cricket just a bit of fun until next real cricket match takes olace 2) I don't like him because he had agreed to take my good friends job as coach of Afghanistan for simple reason he would live in Kabul despite my friend having a contract saying he did not have to live there . But yes he did play a few good innings but Desmond Haynes he wasn't
  12. Simmons was really a dud as an opener in test cricket , Gus Logie looked good in ulustrious company but most times flattered to receive . Hooper was the one who did not fulfil either as a batsman is off spinner on the natural talent he was given , he could and should have been much much better
  13. He was a very good player , played fast bowling well and liked to release his arms and hands at the ball . Competent against spin without being outstanding . Maybe best to compare him against Alvin Kallicharan, middle order, similar numbers I think , for me I would watch Alvin every day of the week . He was a bit of an establishment guy , given the captaincy when others might have been thought more of a chance of replacing Viv hence why he might be a match referee now . I believe it was Antigua Government that bestowed Sir on him . For me he was a bit loose in
  14. That I can definitely tell you , with having done some coaching in India I can tell you the difference between an Associate and India , some good some bad on both sides , Scotland was definitely good enough for a whole lot of Test stars to play in .
  15. I think on here I am not a senior not even an Uncle but a Great Uncle . I think I played against Indian players ICFrs grandfather's remember
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