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  1. Another artistic bowler i would have over Wasim Akram is Richard Hadlee . So my bowling unit would be Holding Hadlee Trueman Bedi
  2. In artistic seam bowlers Fred Truman was only just behind Michael Holding , he had perfect run up and classic side on action .
  3. I would probably say Curtly Ambrose but the most fearsome , dangerous, watching it through fingers over eyes spell I ever saw , was Michael Holding to John Edrich and Brian Close in 1976 . It was brutal and everyone feared for those two guys lives .
  4. That's it !! No more Indian tours to England , they have enough grooming gangs as it is
  5. His selection wasn't an " experiment " It was not his young career average batting at 1- 7 that was looked at but the last two seasons in country cricket batting at 3 and 4 with average of 44 and 45 add into that he was being scrutinized every single game by scouts on his temperament and ability to play fast bowling . England nowadays don't just experiment but before hand players will have been watched massively and have to pass a big criteria . In India I feel averages in Ranji counts for a hellava lot
  6. Mayank.......take first ball at least the captain won't get first of game Rahane..... You are captain lead from the front Pujara. ........Experience Gill ..............first test bat with an experienced bat and enjoy Rahul ........... experienced, show what you can this series or your last Jaddu............bat with pant and keep speaking to him Pant ..............use what brain you have Ashwin ..........keep those younger guys right Saini Bumrah.....Lead the unit , show them how Siraj Now everyone let's enjoy this we have got
  7. Care to explain to me the relevance of IPL and playing in the test side ? Or are you saying the Test side should be picked on IPL performances ?
  8. You have just been bowled out for 36 and Pujara is going to score a ton and the rest 300 between them ...I love your optimism , you should bottle it and sell it
  9. I don't bring it up as a taunt but to show as you have to a degree that whilst today is a black day for Indian cricket to a large amount of Indians what happens to Mumbai Indians of shiver is more important to them
  10. Absolutely worst day but I am not surprised it has happened . #1 test nation with huge amount of money BUT No plan for years Selection of players to each team looks more like names in a hat No idea who is a test , odi or T20 player . Ridiculous head coach and back up team appointments Don't get me on about the captain and his overseas team selections and pitch reading Selection committee is a joke I could go on and on India SHOULD dominate cricket for next 15 years and only people stopping this is India But don't despair all is not lost
  11. Burns, Sibley, Crawley ? Took England a while to realise in Test cricket numbers 1,2,3 need to be " proper test batsmen " then the stroke makers can build on that .
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