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Pandya vs England-Australia-Pakistan

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2 hours ago, vvvslaxman said:

Only Gavaskar was booed when he dropped Kapil dev for Eden Gardens test in 1984/85. Kapil was not.  One of the specific shot by Simmons signalled that he was past. Fans were disappointed. No one booed him. Simmons had way too much time to play that shot. His pace was down. Even in Tests he prolonged his career to cross Richard Hadlee. People were critical of his overstay. They didn't boo him. In current era he would have played a little longer. Back in those days 1 bad year is enough to be sent home. It was not that even such a bad year for him. He was the most economical bowler for India even in his last year. Only Indian bowler to concede under 4 runs per over in 1994. He set the standards so high that his drop in performance was noticeable. He couldn't buy any wickets. Srinath and PRabakar were handling new ball. If he had retired in 1992 it would have been ideal. 

I agree only some jealous out of touch reality and Fracture Bandya fan can do mud slinging to one of the greatest cricketer of India.

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