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100 % Power outage across entire Pakistan


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5 hours ago, ravishingravi said:


Problem is it will give birth to three more Nalayak countries. Gods have carefully designed our neighbourhood.


Is Bangladesh  " nalayak " ?


It is certainly more layak than what Sri Lanka is. Despite ultra close cultural ( through Tamil Nadu ) and religious ties, they have been worse than snakes to us.  Only we bail them out when they face a survival threat, yet again and again and again ..the shameless people backstab us and accomodate China compromising our national security.  Bangladesh has been alot more faithful and reliable. Atleast in the reign of  Sheikh Haseena.


The problem is Sunni Punjabis are seen as representative of Pak because of their dominance. And they are the real stink.


Sindhis have a great affinity for India. It was afterall an extension of present day Kutch/Gujarat.


Balochis in majority HATE Pak.


Whats left then ?

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