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Ind's run chase ....

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I understand the grim situation at the ICF .... but there are two sides of the coin .... At this point, Eng has 80% chance of winning, Ind 20% 


As they say it is not over until it is over. If it happens, it will be a heroic performance 


I hope that our cricketers see opportunity in this and put the best foot forward. We all know the weaknesses, below is the summary of the strengths 


  • If Dhawan can play a cameo 
  • If Rahul can get a 50+ 
  • If Pujara can continue the good work 
  • Read somewhere Kohli avgs 70 in 4th tests, so may be he is due for a 90 odd 
  • Pandya, who plays extremely well when the pressure is less so if quick wkts fall, who knows he can play "that" inning
  • Pant can swing a few 
  • Rahane, can do whatever he does 


Let the chase begin (hope for the best, prepare for the worst) :dance:

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I hope that the batsmen play their natural game and have fun 


I have seen some comments about Dhawan laughing after this or that, which may not be appropriate as people can have different ways to handle pressure. If Dhawan laughs after a mistake to relieve the pressure and/or move on, so be it if it works for him psychologically   

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"Day 4 - Session 3: India require another 91 runs with 2 wickets remaining" 


As mentioned in the OP, Eng was the favorite to win this .... it is just a game .... move on 

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