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  1. Whatever the end result may be, it is very refreshing to see the belief & a plan by our middle order (ok, at least these two). Normally we would have thrown in the towel quite a long ago...
  2. So very pleasing to see this small town lad make it up the ranks. Hope he does well in the first set of opportunities he gets. Hope Saini is back to full fitness soon. We need him through this series.
  3. Waaaaaaar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqN14X0nzwY Anyways, PaPa would have been let go. Waste of 1.7 cr. But it is brave of him to say what he did and hope all the negative feedback spurs Virat on to turn a corner in his captaincy and attitude.
  4. Congratulations MI fans! What a clinical season! BTW, why Wolves? Shouldn't Mumbai be associated with Leopards that prowl around Aarey colony? Enjoy!
  5. ^ True that it is all about protecting one's income & employment for the future. When employers like RCB or BCCI are unable to address the Elephant in the room, we cannot expect anyone to be upfront about Kohli's captaincy or performances of influential players, when they have their livelihood at stake. Gambhir is of a different breed and I am so glad he has sown the seeds for the rest of the experts/fans to be more vocal about this. It's almost like GG is the little kid, who spoke out about the king's clothes. If not anything, the next IPL might be the last opportunity fo
  6. MI is simply a fantastic franchise! The never-say-die brand of cricket they play is nothing but admirable and the fact that they are doing this so often just points to their fundamentals being extremely strong. I can't think of another team, wherein the stand-in captain comes in and the team goes on, as though nothing has changed. It's almost on cruise control! The depth MI has built up and the new talent, they provide chances each season is exceptional. Rohit, as a leader, has clearly shown his tactical acumen over the years. If Rohit can stay fit and in form, it would be quite fi
  7. Danish, as Mr.Nags, has been such a relief over the years to digest the losses & the general ineptness of the team. His video after yesterday's game was so much to the point! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_doBuC9VLNw
  8. What a travesty! Putting Finch & ABD together and letting Rashid/Nadeem help themselves to a buffet. Some of these decisions are so fundamental that it makes one wonder how highly paid coaching staff/players go against the grain on some basic aspects of the game. One of the two lefties should have come in at #4 and it would have helped Finch anchor, whilst the leftie hit with the spin. The meltdown from the 11th match onwards was spectacular! Can't fault the management for the change in the 11th game to bring in Philippe, as the goal was to do better on Finch's results. But the
  9. The tweet has it wrong about KLR. After being ordinary at SRH across two seasons, KL Rahul grew as a T20 keeper-batsman at RCB during the 2016 season. Maybe it was just as simple as playing at his home ground, but surely there were some inputs & help from the team, that helped him play with some refreshing freedom and an attacking mindset. Too bad he could not follow-up in 2017 due to the injury. But Watson & Stoinis were certainly better post their RCB stints.
  10. Fair point, but his crawl and/or any early loss of wicket will put way too much pressure in a KO game. Anyhow Philippe appears to be just about turning a corner and backing him to come good in a big game is reasonable. His innings in the BBL final mattered a lot, albeit in different conditions. His hitting against Zampa & Maxell was quite good. Probably the lack of experience and scars from previous losses (/chokes) might help DDP & Philippe to bat bravely & do well.
  11. One common factor amongst the play-off wins from back in 2015/16 are the good performances of ABD. Hope he turns in a good show tomorrow. But some serious intent at the top (~60 in first 6 overs) will certainly help and potentially put the opposition on a back foot and prevent a middle overs crawl. Rest of the batsmen need to contribute and play with freedom. Go
  12. I'd go with this team for tomorrow, with Moeen replacing Udana and Saini replacing Shahbaz Philippe* Padikkal Kohli ABD Moeen Sundar* Dubey Morris/Steyn Siraj Chahal Saini - Philippe gets in ahead of Finch as he is close to hitting form & Finch will be potentially castled, when opening against Sandeep's swing. * Swap Sundar & Philippe in case of a >170 run chase - Float Sundar/Moeen, in case 2 wickets fall before ~8-10 overs; that would also help to deal Rashid's bowling better. - Play Steyn, if
  13. Jonathan Liew can take a hike... The BCCI stance to follow the Indian government's directive here is absolutely the right thing to do. I was initially on the fence with this stance, but the way these Pakistani cricketers rake in the cash, milk the limelight/connections and then talk bad about our country, league etc is in extremely poor taste. Besides, it is quite the retort for PCB almost trying to sabotage one of the earlier IPLs by not sending the Pakistan players. I am glad that the Afridis & the Tanvirs are no longer welcome. The same PCB, who tried
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