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  1. As Jamieson has been expensive, he can warm the bench and both Richardson & Sams can come into the side.
  2. Patidar out => Azhar in Shahbaz out => Sams in This would extend the batting line-up and also add solidity to the bowling
  3. Bleady fellows threw so much away for Dan Christian, whilst missing Ben Cutting at 75 lakhs
  4. Agree. Fielding was just abysmal. There was no place to hide for the youngster, Richa Ghosh. Like Snehal Pradhan suggested on air, the TM should put her in as WK in case she is decent at it. WV needs to do something to raise the fielding standard.
  5. Shardul is an intriguing option! I hope he has been working on his consistency during his time off. If he bowls consistently between middle to 4th stump lines with some variations of his outswing, that'd be lethal. But he'd end up getting benched. More so as Shami will be back and it's a bigger, but an extremely good headache to have for the team management.
  6. Last I read, it was Southampton or Old Trafford, again due to the attached hotels. I'd prefer Southampton over Old Trafford, so that the scars of 2019 doesn't haunt our top order. Ageas bowl is a fantastic venue to watch Cricket.
  7. I didn't in any way insinuate that Robin is a one hit wonder. Robin's memory at the top of many minds is that Paarl effort. In that sense, DK who has been mentioned on several occasions, will be known for Nidhas trophy, but is far from a one hit wonder. His role in victories in our first ever T20 & the 2007 test series in England come to mind.
  8. Reetinder Singh Sodhi - a bit torn on this. Holing out to mid-on in one of his initial ODIs or that fantastic knock during the fightback against the Windies He was quite a prospect after leading India to the U15 world cup title. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI17hCdGrr8
  9. Robin Singh & Saba Karim for heroics in that Paarl ODI......what an amazing night that was!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4VppGrN7N0
  10. Why so? Vinay himself used that name & went further in his farewell note. A true legend of domestic cricket and an excellent leader. He also displayed so much fight with the bat. His domestic exploits would be hard to match within the Karnataka set-up, especially the clean sweep of domestic titles. As @Mosher & @ShoonyaSifar have rightly pointed out, his rise from a humble, small town background certainly should inspire others. An earlier version of Natarajan, whom we celebrated recently. Some of his strategy & game reading during the com
  11. Irrespective of Rahul's ability, the real tragedy dawned upon me today. I was looking through the Indian squad and closely checking the records of net bowlers & standby players. This activity is usually reserved after each game for the RCB squad during the IPL. FML! Furious at our TM for not having proper cover and for Axar to have run into injuries after just playing some T20s! Whilst I am at it, has anyone seen Saurabh Kumar bowl? Thoughts on his effectiveness?
  12. Some Aussie feedback from the streets of Sydney after the Gabba result. Love the consistent thoughts on Washi from a young kid & an older gent..
  13. Totally! That Raina-type vibes are always welcome in the team and adds to the team spirit. I am very excited about what he has to offer in England during the summer. A bit more accuracy with the ball and some luck, to complement his pluck with the bat, will add immense depth to our team.
  14. Totally agree, as I have been also been perceiving him incorrectly. But he doesn't help his case by hiding away after defeats and only coming out to make tall, sometimes bizarre, statements after the team wins. But there is some subtle but significant change in the team dynamic since that Adelaide fiasco. Whilst it's easy to put all of this down to Virat and his subsequent RTI, Sridhar's inputs have clearly indicated that Virat was a vital part of the emergency planning to hit back. Virat has mostly been chasing test wins ever since he took over captaincy and has gotten us mighty c
  15. Incredible series by Ash & Sridhar. The punch lines are absolute gold in Tamil and it seems to get diluted in the subtitles.. This third episode had me in splits.. eSmith eGreen Netrajan to Natarajan Rahane panicking on watching Nattu's batting against Starc Oh those Vadivel parallels It's not the size of the Dog, it's the fight of the Dog Shardulkar
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