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  1. Media carrying lots of stories about this today. If anything, this gives reason for optimism for not just CWC'23 or T20WC'22, but maybe a relaxed Virat might turn in some good batting performances in the upcoming T20 WC as well. Here's hoping. TOI Report
  2. Actually Neeraj was clapping for Vetter, when he was running in for his 3rd throw. Also Nadeem considers Neeraj to be his hero apparently. Good vibes!
  3. Sanayev got injured above his right eye during his bout with the Japanese boxer and there were 3-4 stoppages due to the wound continuing to bleed. Despite that injury and despite being behind on points, he powered through in the final minute to win the bout. Hope he has some weakness due to that injury and it helps Dahiya! Exciting day!
  4. Repechage chance lost for Sonam Malik, as the Mongolian wrestler has promptly lost in the next round But excellent display by the teenager and too bad that she had a lapse in the last few seconds of the fight.
  5. Just hope we play cautiously at the back and avoid conceding PCs. This will certainly make life incredibly tough for Belgium. Come on!! Jai ho!
  6. Nothing as hurtful as that. I was at the 2014 World cup game against Belgium, when they scored the winning goal with 25 seconds to go. It was a bitter end to a great game, with desis making more noise in a stadium with plenty of Belgian support. Perfect day for payback!
  7. Like at the crease, he was a bundle of nerves with the mike. I noticed a few mix-ups, notable amongst them "My first ever debut test.....& Sunny G being batting consultant" etc. But he sure does have potential :-)
  8. With the fat paychecks, Virat & Kohli get, RCB will not have money left for any established player. So I'd see the third and/or fourth player being uncapped, like it happened with Sarfaraz a while back. If it comes to that, DDP should be retained and once the full purse is available for the auction, there will have to be some desperate bidding and/or RTM to get back the other RCB regulars.
  9. As Jamieson has been expensive, he can warm the bench and both Richardson & Sams can come into the side.
  10. Patidar out => Azhar in Shahbaz out => Sams in This would extend the batting line-up and also add solidity to the bowling
  11. Bleady fellows threw so much away for Dan Christian, whilst missing Ben Cutting at 75 lakhs
  12. Agree. Fielding was just abysmal. There was no place to hide for the youngster, Richa Ghosh. Like Snehal Pradhan suggested on air, the TM should put her in as WK in case she is decent at it. WV needs to do something to raise the fielding standard.
  13. Shardul is an intriguing option! I hope he has been working on his consistency during his time off. If he bowls consistently between middle to 4th stump lines with some variations of his outswing, that'd be lethal. But he'd end up getting benched. More so as Shami will be back and it's a bigger, but an extremely good headache to have for the team management.
  14. Last I read, it was Southampton or Old Trafford, again due to the attached hotels. I'd prefer Southampton over Old Trafford, so that the scars of 2019 doesn't haunt our top order. Ageas bowl is a fantastic venue to watch Cricket.
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