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19 minutes ago, Chennai Chargers said:

Could someone help me with making transfers? 


I don't get how it works. 


For example, tomorrow's game I can select Pant but KL Rahul is shaded and so unavailable to pick. 


Same with Maxwell and others. 


Just need to know how it all works, thanks in advance. 

may be u dnt have enough credit for KL and incase of maxwell may be u already have filled the quota of overseas

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25 minutes ago, Chennai Chargers said:

Thanks again. 286.5 an average score so not too bad. I forgot to fill the team with CSK and MI players, that's why! 


I have added Pant, KL Rahul and Dhawan today and must hope that Lamichhane plays. 

You don't have to make team changes right away. You can wait till team is announced and then do it.  Just make sure you have it done before first ball is bowled 

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A useful basic tip - Captain and Vice-Captain changes are unlimited so you can change them anytime after the previous match starts. So even if you forget Subs for a match you will not miss out much as you will atleast have C and VC who will give you 2x and 1.5x times points.


Regarding Subs, it is risky to make them before team announcement post toss but incase you will not have time to do then you can take a calculated risk by Subbing with players who you know will definitely play like the Captain or some key MVP players for the team.

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2 minutes ago, Chennai Chargers said:

At least I picked Mayank! 


And it seems Axar is playing against his old team. 


Today and tomorrow I do not have access at the start of the match so tonight I will transfer in players I think could do well tomorrow, whoever is playing, I think SRH and RCB. 

pick ur captains n vc n choose player ur sure who will play 

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