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How responsible is the captain and team management for the flurry of injuries?

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1 hour ago, Bigg Brother said:

Test matches should always be scheduled before LOIs as we have seen in our previous tours to Australia. Since 2018, LOIs have been scheduled before Test matches. We could afford fielding second string team in Odis & t20s. NZ is exception where 2 tests are played. England, SA and Australia are the venues where test matches should always take place before ODIs.


Chalk me up in the minority who disagrees.


In the 'old' days, there used to be at least 2 proper warm-up games before a test series - in those days it made sense to start with tests.  These days, the calendar is so busy, and host teams don't even provide good opposition and conditions for the warm-ups if they are there - so playing whiteball cricket before tests, allows a big chunk of the players to get used to the time-zone, the weather, the bounce etc, even on the flatter wickets used for ODIs and T20s.  Its not the best case scenario, but given the time constraints and $$$ motivations, its going to be the best we can get in terms of a adjustment period on important tours.  


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59 minutes ago, Tridibans_16 said:

I personally blame IPL. Atleast 3 injuries are directly because of this tamasha league (Ishant, Bhuvi, Rohit) while 2 are due to workload because of IPL before an important tour (Ashwin and Bumrah).

Bhuvi injury has been reoccurring for long. Ishant n rohit were on ground, that can happen even in nets. Cant cotton wrap these guys .

Also what workload , they came after long break. These cricketers are used to playing IPL  for 12-13 yrs in busy schedules. 


Archer, cummins , nortje, boult sab IPL khel ke gaye hai. 



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All 3 Aussie bowlers (Starc, Cummins , Hazlewood) played the odi series with us and hv also bowled almost the same number of overs in this test series as our fast bowlers.  But none of them is getting injured or feeling any pain.   I wonder how come their fitness level is 10 times better than our bowlers.    Questions need to be asked to our physio and fitness staff.  

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